Products to Regrow Hair

Shop exclusive products intended to provide a long-term solution to hair loss sufferers by slowing the process of hair loss and promoting hair regrowth. You should understand that most products featured in the “Regrow” category require a twice-daily application over a long-term basis to achieve maximum effectiveness. And, the “Regrow” products may have varying results for different individuals.

Activ8er Laser Brush

The Activ8er Laser Brush is a laser-based device developed for home use to help improve the appearance and condition of fine or thinning hair.

Anagize Bio-Active Serum – Step 4

Bio-Active Serum is a non-greasy daily use formulation that contains natural high strength enzymes that accelerate metabolic breakdown and removal of topical DHT build up around clogged hair follicles. Contains exclusive Alphagen Complex.

Anagize Inter-Balance Complex – Step 5

A natural, daily nutritional supplement that enhances the body’s ability to block unnecessary and unwanted negative cell activity. Increases the natural alignment of proper cellular inter-balance.

Anagize Minoxidil (5%)

FullMore is a colored texturizing spray that thickens thinning hair on contact. Its special blend of polymers and tiny, colored fibers bond to existing hair.

iGrow Hair Growth System

Equipped with headphones and an iPod/MP3 interface, the iGrow is a convenient and highly effective Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) system that delivers significant hair growth for men and women suffering from genetic-based hair thinning and/or hair loss.

Scalp Massage Applicator

The massaging minoxidil applicator brush is professionally designed for people who use a minoxidil-based product on their scalp as a hair loss solution.