Balancing the Yin and Yang to Treat Hair Loss Conditions




When you first start to experience hair loss that takes you by surprise, you may be dismayed to hear about some of the choices available: FDA approved medications to take as long as you want to keep hair loss at bay, surgical methods of replacing hair lost, and non-surgical hair replacement systems. But for those of you who are accustomed to trying and using different alternative therapies to treat your health issues, traditional Chinese medicine is worth a try.

Is Chinese medicine for me?

  • I want to try non-surgical, non-pharmaceutical, natural remedies
  • I believe in the ancient wisdom of eastern Chinese medicine
  • I believe in a whole-body approach to my health
  • I am familiar with taking herbs or being treated with acupuncture
  • I rely on alternative therapies for my health issues

How does Chinese medicine work?

Dr. Bong Kim, founder of Emperor’s College of Traditional Oriental Medicine in Santa Monica, C.A., explains, “The yin and yang energies in your body must be balanced otherwise negative health effects can occur. If yang energy is too much, one loses hair — a deficiency in the kidneys can also cause hair loss and both cause ‘heat’ in the body to rise until hair falls out and does not grow back. Acupuncture helps to get rid of the heat and amplify yin energy in certain kidney meridians. And there is an ancient Chinese herbal formula called Seven Treasures for Beautiful Hair which does the same thing inside the body, but we can add herbs to it specifically for each person’s situation.” Chinese medicine practitioners believe that the condition of your hair follicles is directly related to your blood toxicity, so organs responsible for cleansing the blood, like kidneys, will be checked for deficiencies.

What can I expect from Chinese medicine?

A consultation with a Traditional Chinese medicine doctor will likely be interesting to uncover what is causing ‘excess heat,’ or yang energy, to build up in your body. Dr. Kim says that actually, excesses of anything cause too much heat, especially overeating. “I have found that hair loss usually corresponds with overeating, so we will work on reducing stomach function to help with hair loss, and we will work to restore balance to your body.” You can take your herbal formula prescription by pill or by tea as prescribed by your practitioner and each formula will be specifically customized for your own personal yin and yang imbalance as well as any deficiencies uncovered in the consultation because, as Dr. Kim says, “heat only causes more heat.” Anyone with overeating problems will also be counseled on a new, slower, calmer way to eat to further reduce heat to increase the yin energy. Excess amounts of animal fats and proteins along with excess sweets especially can create the heat that rises to the top of the head causing hair to fall out so they will be exchanged for fresh fruit and vegetables which keep the energy inside allowing follicles to hold on to hair roots.

Acupuncturist Robert Luna of Blue Deer Healing in Los Angeles and “Acupuncturist to the Stars” warns that Westerners typically lack the patience required to see results of natural healing. “Chinese medicine differs from Western medicine in that we treat the cause of ailments, not the symptoms.” Luna, himself a graduate of Emperor’s College, explains that Chinese medicine “asks a lot of the patients” but ultimately delivers better, longer-lasting results. “Even if you promise someone that their hair will grow back if they meticulously take their herbs, change their diet and come in for acupuncture treatments, most would rather take hardcore chemicals like Propecia. But that’s the thing about Chinese medicine,” he says. “The ‘doing’ and the commitment to your regimen is all part of the medicine.”

Possible complications of treating hair loss with Chinese medicine

Inform your practitioner if you are allergic to any specific herbs. If you respond to alternative therapies and follow your practitioner’s full prescription for improving your yin/yang energy balance, you should see some noticeable results within 4-6 months along with a noticeable improvement in overall health!

The bottom line on hair loss and Chinese medicine

This type of treatment works best in those who have the time and patience to follow the practitioner’s plan exactly, to provide a whole-body approach to their hair loss.

Find a Chinese medicine practitioner

Take your time to interview and consult with several practitioners and ask about their beliefs and experiences solving hair loss issues. Ask about their training and education. Ask for testimonials from other hair loss patients.