HairLossDotCom Can Help You with Your Hair Loss Condition



Imagine you’re Sally, a 42-year-old single mom with three teenage children living in Tucson. It’s hard enough raising three teenagers, holding down a job, and supporting a household on your own; then there’s school, sports, activities, parties, pets, house cleaning, preparing meals, and paying bills. Suddenly you wake up one morning and there’s hair all over your pillow — and you realize that’s why the drain in the shower is clogged!

What are you going to do first (after calling the plumber) when it sinks in that something is wrong with your hair? Search online! And luckily for Sally there’s, where she can find acceptance, information, and inspiration. The same goes for Matt, a 35-year-old art director from Seattle whose hairline is receding faster than he would like.

10 ways can help you, no matter who you are or what your hair loss situation is

  1. Information. provides timely, accurate, and unbiased information produced by experienced health, news, and lifestyle journalists about your hair loss condition and appropriate and available solutions. (See Hair Loss Writers)
  2. Affirmation. is a caring community made up of those experiencing fall types of hair loss. Sometimes you just need to listen to someone else’s story to feel better, and sometimes you just need someone to listen to you.
  3. Education. Learn about hair, hair loss, and how it happens on to get a deeper understanding of your own situation. (See Hair Loss Conditions)
  4. Advice. Hear unbiased advice from doctors, surgeons, other professionals, and hair loss specialists you can trust. And you know you can trust it because nobody is asking you to buy anything! (See Hair Loss Treatments)
  5. Research. is on top of new scientific research and advances in technology in hair loss solutions and replacements, and we bring all of this to you in a thoroughly researched and impartial manner(See Scalp Cooling for Chemo-Caused Hair Loss).
  6. Advocacy. We advocate for all those who suffer from hair loss, no matter the age, race, or sex, and we speak out and educate about all aspects of concern (See Hair Loss Activism).
  7. Referrals. We can refer you to trusted hair loss service providers for their honesty, talent, and integrity who adhere to the Hair Loss Client Bill of Rights (See Hair Loss Clients’ Bill of Rights).
  8. Simplicity. Hair loss conditions and solutions can be overwhelming, and the language can often be complex; therefore, provides an easy roll-over glossary of unfamiliar terms so you can feel more at ease. (See Hair Loss Glossary)
  9. Comprehensive. You are not just your hair — you are a whole person. So we provide fitness, nutrition, fashion, beauty, and grooming solutions (see Hair Loss and Living) as well as “edutainment” such as crossword puzzles, an advice column, reviews, and celebrity gossip (See Hair Loss and Entertainment) to make the best of who you are today even better.
  10. Help. is there for you day or night, no matter who you are, whenever you have questions or concerns about your hair loss, and want information. We are constantly addressing your concerns, updating our information, and adding more for you, so be sure to check back often. (Visit our Hair Loss Concierge)

Knowledge is power and power over hair loss is comforting. can help you decide what to do next, whether it is acceptance of a bald head, a new hairstyle, a wig or a hairpiece; getting through an illness, or visiting a doctor or a hair loss specialist. is just that: a trusted guide when you need it most.