Learn to Find the Best Suit for Your Particular Body Type




Everyone should have at least one fabulous business suit. Even if you don’t wear it regularly, it can be your go-to suit for job interviews, weddings, funerals, parties and other events. And though most suits look great on the rack, every suit is not for every man (or woman). When buying a suit, you will need to keep your body type in mind in order to look your best.

Suits for short, thin men

If you are a slim, short man, the trick is finding a suit that elongates your silhouette without making you appear even thinner. Look for a suit with broader shoulders and a narrow waist. The jacket should be relatively short since a long suit jacket will emphasize a lack of height. A three-button suit is your best bet because it has a lengthening effect. Pick a dark suit with a high lapel to give the illusion of height.

Suits for tall, thin men

If you are a tall man with a slight build, you should broaden your look. Pick a double-breasted, two-button suit in a medium- to heavy-weight fabric. A spread collar or wide lapel will help to add some breadth. Also, make sure there is some padding in the shoulder to widen your frame. Instead of straight-leg suit pants, select pants that taper a bit. Experiment with rich colors and textures to add some additional depth.

Suits for heavyset men

If you are carrying a few extra pounds, don’t try to hide under a baggy suit. Instead, look for a suit with a slim cut. Pick a jacket in a longer length, but make sure it’s not too narrow at the waist. A lightweight, pinstriped suit will provide a slimming effect. Wear your slacks a little higher than average on the waist. Avoid checks and other patterns, which will add too much bulk.

Suits for women

Men aren’t the only ones who should shop for their body type. Here are some tips for women who dress for success.

  • Curvy women look great in suits with fitted waists, rounded edges and lightweight fabrics.
  • Tall, angular women can wear longer suit jackets with sharp lapels. Avoid anything that is too slim or fitted.
  • Petite women should avoid wide-leg pants and suit skirts that hit below the knee.

Consider getting a custom suit

If you have the money to spend, consider purchasing a custom-made suit that has been tailored to your measurements. This will assure the perfect fit. To save some cash, you don’t need to have the suit created from scratch. You can buy a suit off the rack and take it to a tailor for the proper alterations.

Accessories for your body type

Ties. For most men, a medium-width tie is the best choice. Thin ties might be trendy, but they aren’t flattering for everyone. For heavyset or short men, a tie with vertical or diagonal stripes will create longer, slimmer lines. Ties in bold shades add some depth to your look and are a fantastic option for slim men.

Handbags. When wearing a business suit, a woman should carry a classic, leather handbag or a briefcase. Petite women should avoid oversize bags, which overwhelm a small frame. A medium-sized handbag that is large enough for your wallet, makeup bag, cell phone, keys and a few other small items is big enough. Stick to neutral solid colors for workday wear.

Hats. Both men and women can benefit from a hat. Hats not only hide a thinning hairline, but they are stylish, too. A classic felt fedora is a safe bet for almost anyone. Wear a hat that fits; a hat that is too large will make a short person look even shorter, and a small hat that sits too high on the head will make a heavyset person look even larger.