Repeat After Me: “I am Actually Grateful for Losing My Hair”




Someone once told me that the ability to truly embrace life is found in being thankful for who you are as you are right now. That may sound like a lot to bite off yet consider the alternative. Can one be really embracing their life if there are indeed parts of themselves that they deem faulty or a problem?

Being appropriate for this site, let’s infuse the subject of hair loss as it pertains to this theory. If you are not in true acceptance of your physical circumstances, perhaps even finding yourself hiding from the truth or protecting yourself from the uncertainty of what others may think or feel, how do you then live each day to its fullest capacity? Just as your hair loss may activate your issues of self-worth and self-esteem, so goes the decisions you make each day on any number of issues from social or business interactions to more personal interactions with a loved one.

Yes, there could be areas in your life where you may excel, especially since many can operate pretty successfully via the Internet without more than a phone and email connection. But in what ways are you still limiting your true potential by limiting your outlets and sources for opportunity?

What really needs to take place is a level of acceptance that allows you to embrace all of you, and with that the ability to even say – I am grateful that I lost or am losing my hair. A big step indeed, and I can tell you from sitting with hundreds of clients over the past six years – you are worth it! We all have such unique gifts we bring to the table of life, and when we withhold that from ourselves, and others, we are limiting what is possible for all of us.

Hair loss can present us opportunities to learn about ourselves

I have clients who are cancer survivors and they tell me that Cancer was the greatest gift in their life to date because it allowed them to see more of who they truly are. To take a larger bite of the apple knowing how precious and short life really is. That Cancer gave them the freedom they had sought in therapy and support groups for years that never quite materialized. Your hair loss, your beautiful, shining head provides you with more opportunities than you can imagine. You just have to be willing to accept with graciousness and gratitude your circumstances and be willing to see it as the teacher it really is. In the end it can be the driving force that makes you look deeper inside yourself. If someone across a phone line or an email senses how great you are then guess what – you are! All the qualities that you have to offer don’t disappear when you show up at a business meeting or on a date. That is not how the human Spirit operates.

Some of you reading this may get what I am saying and others may not yet recognize the courage that exists inside of you. I understand. I have long been a proponent of “People get it when they get it and not a second earlier.” I have no issue with whichever path you choose, as long as you understand it is a choice, and that a time may come, when you are ready to make a different choice. A choice that gets you out of the house and back into the game of life to be played with sheer joy and enthusiasm. A choice to see that you are more than anyone part of your body, or anyone feeling or thought that crosses your mind. The choice to decide if you might be the only one thinking about the way you look when you walk into a crowded room.

Invest in hair loss treatments, or invest in you?

I will share this with you. Many, if not all of the people who have shifted their beliefs, and altered their skewed perspectives of themselves around their hair loss have shared with me an awareness of just how much energy they were investing into an area of their lives that could provide no real resolution and surely not one with a permanent happy ending. That freedom alone is worth discovering so you can finally begin investing in something with a huge upside – you!