Look At What’s Hot this Summer Season for Women and Men




Swimsuit season is well underway. If you are shopping for new swimwear, look for something that is trendy, stylish and fits well. Are you trying to pick the perfect suit for your beach vacation or next trip to the local pool? Let’s take a look at some of the hottest swimsuit styles and trends for both women and men.

Women’s swimwear fashions

One-shoulder Swimsuit
One of the hottest trends in spring/summer fashion for 2009 was the single-shouldered dress. We have seen them in every length and style imaginable, from fitted mini-dresses to luxurious evening gowns. The one-shoulder trend didn’t stop with dresses and tops — the one-shoulder swimsuit is this season’s must-have. Chic and sophisticated, these swimsuits provide a little more coverage than a strapless suit but are still sexy. One-shoulder swimwear is available in one-piece as well as bikini styles.

Cut-Away One-Piece Swimsuit
This swimsuit is like a cross between a one-piece suit and a bikini. If you want to show a little skin but aren’t comfortable in a tiny bikini, this cut-away style swimsuit is a fantastic option. There are two basic varieties of this type of suit. The first (the cut-away or cut-out swimsuit) looks like a standard one-piece suit with the sides cut out. The amount of coverage depends on how much of the suit is cut-away. The second (the monokini) looks like a traditional bikini but a piece of material connects the top to the bottom in the front, leaving the sides open. If you are carrying a lot of weight at your waist, this swimsuit is not a flattering choice.

The Prints
For women, prints are definitely on trend. Though many women love florals, this season animal prints and tie-dye (or dip dye) patterns are the hot choices. Animal print maillots and tankinis with leopard spots or zebra stripes are top selections. For a retro look, tie-dye string bikinis are cool this summer. Colorblocking is also trendy this year. Remember to pick a colorblock swimsuit with the darker color in the areas you want to minimize. As an example, a suit that is yellow up top and black at the bottom would be best for a pear-shaped woman because it would help minimize the look of her hips.

Men’s swimwear fashions

Men’s Swimwear
For men this summer, anything goes. Generally swimwear for men is a little smaller this season. Low-cut, tight, very short trunks are available from most of the top swimwear designers. If you don’t like the skin-tight variety, looser swim shorts are still available but they are cut shorter this season with a inseam of about 2 1/2 to 3 inches, rather than the longer board shorts variety.

Colors for men are generally red, blue and green. If you like prints, you can find plaid, stripes and abstract patterns. Men’s swimwear also has some interesting details this year. For example, many swim shorts have a zipper fly and Velcro tab closure waistband, rather than a simple drawstring or elasticized waist.

Trying It On
Bring a friend with you while you shop for swimwear to provide their honest opinion. When trying on a swimsuit, you should sit, stand, squat and bend to make sure that it doesn’t gap or ride up when you move around. If you are a little out of shape, look for swimwear with a high Lycra or spandex content to help hold everything in place. Be sure to check the tag and wash your swimsuit according to the instructions. Most swimwear can be washed in the washing machine on the gentle cycle, but some suits with delicate fabrics and embellishments must be hand washed.