More Texture and Volume Is Key to Concealing Hair Loss




Get a fabulous cut

Texture can be added to your hair in a variety of ways, but the best method is with a great haircut. Talk with your stylist about your hair loss concerns. For men and women with short hair, the stylist can razor cut the hair on top of your head to create an uneven surface and the appearance of more hair. Thin hair generally looks better in a short or medium length, as extremely long hair can appear stringy. Well-placed graduated layers in a face frame and on the crown can add plenty of volume to medium-length hair.

Use a volumizing shampoo

Aussie, John Frieda and a number of other hair care lines offer reasonably priced volume-enhancing shampoos, conditioners and other products. Although the salon lines can be a bit expensive, you may find the results are worth it. Buy a trial size of the shampoo at first to see how it works for you. These shampoos can add a lot of volume and movement to your hair.

Pick your conditioner very carefully. Some rinse-out conditioners are heavy and may weigh down your hair, making it appear even thinner. A leave-in conditioner, such as Big Sexy Hair’s Volumizing Detangler, can add moisture and fullness to thin or fine hair while reducing the frizzies.

Choose the right styling products

For short hair a pomade or texture cream is essential. Rub the product into your hands; then gently run them through your damp hair to distribute. You can also add volume by “backcombing” the hair near the crown of your head. Finish with a spritz of setting spray.

For long hair mousse and a blow-dryer will do the trick. Use a large paddle brush to add volume rather than curls. Blot your hair dry with a towel; then just blow-dry the top layers. Use the brush to lift hair straight up and blow dry. Twist each section slightly and apply heat until it is 75 percent dry. Allow the sections to descend naturally; then shake out your hair rather than brushing it. Use your fingers to put it into place.

Bending over at the waist and directing your blow-dryer at the underside roots toward the ends can also add volume and texture to your hair. When you are done blow drying, stand up and flip your head back to get plenty of lift.

Consider a perm

Curls can help disguise thin hair. If you have naturally straight hair, you may want to consider getting a perm. Talk with your hairstylist to make sure that very gentle chemicals are used during the process. Chemicals to curl, straighten and color hair can do significant damage if overused; therefore, shoot for the quickest treatment possible. You wouldn’t want to sit for an hour or longer with harsh chemicals on your hair and scalp.

If you don’t want to use any chemicals or heat on your hair, you can still add curls with good old-fashioned hair rollers. Small rollers create tighter curls, and large rollers make gentle waves. Use hair rollers on damp hair and add a little setting gel. If you want to avoid blow-dryer damage, roll your hair before bed and wear the rollers overnight.

Instead of making a drastic change such as getting hair extensions or wearing a wig, adding texture and volume to your hair is an easy way to camouflage hair loss. Even those who suffer from severe thinning hair can find success with the above tips.