Reconcile Hair Loss with Fashion To Look and Feel Beautiful

female bandana with alopecia and cancer


For women suffering from hair loss conditions like Alopecia areata, female pattern baldness or thinning hair, the use of fashion and accessories to enhance your look can not only make you look better but also feel better.

What hair accessories can help disguise hair loss?

Fortunately, headbands, wraps and other hair accessories are very trendy. Look for thick headbands embellished with bows, floral accents, embroidery and other touches. Headwraps also are on trend and provide a bit more coverage than headbands do. You can also use clips, barrettes and similar hair accessories to help disguise hair loss. Avoid hair bands with exposed elastic, which can tangle, pull and damage hair.

What types of women’s hats are suitable for casual wear?

Although women can wear baseball caps, a number of other types of casual hats are available. In the summer months an over-sized straw hat is a chic choice that can go from the beach to a party without missing a beat. The cloche, which was popular in the 1920s, has made a comeback. Look for cloche hats in fun colors and patterns. For cold weather a faux fur hat will keep you warm, disguise hair loss and look stylish too.

What can I wear to detract from my hair loss?

No one notices your thinning hair as much as you do. That said, you can make some updates to your wardrobe to detract from your hair loss. The goal is to draw the eye downward and away from your head. Wear dark colors on top with light- or bright-colored pants and skirts. Wide-leg pants and funky shoes also will do the trick.

Are all hair extensions expensive?

Although hair extensions from a salon can be very pricey, you do have other options. If you want to add some extra fullness to the top of your hair, clip-on extensions are temporary, inexpensive and easy to use. For the most natural look, however, salon-applied extensions created from authentic human hair are the best alternative.

Can a woman wear a fedora?

Of course! The fedora is primarily a men’s hat, but women can wear them as well. Right now, menswear-inspired fashions are very trendy, including trouser pants, oxford shoes and men’s hats.

How can I protect my hair and scalp at the beach?

If your hair is thinning, look for conditioner and other styling products that contain sunscreen. For maximum protection wear a hat or head scarf to protect your hair from sun damage and your scalp from sunburn.

What type of hat should I wear to a wedding?

If you have been invited to a wedding, your attire (including your hat) depends on how formal the wedding is and where it is located. A hat is not generally worn to an informal wedding. For a formal wedding a Kentucky Derby-type hat is acceptable with a dress or pastel-colored suit.

What should I wear on a date to detract from my thinning hair?

For a date bold accessories are the key. Dangling earrings or a long necklace will draw the attention away from your hair. If you are wearing a basic black outfit, add a colorful or jeweled clutch. Also pick a great pair of shoes. Red pumps, platform sandals and beaded ballet flats are all fantastic options. Let your personality shine through and he won’t even notice your thinning hair.

What casual clothes are appropriate for a mature woman with thinning hair?

We all want to look younger; however, you don’t want to be that woman who is dressing too young for her age. Avoid miniskirts and funky trends. For casual attire cigarette pants in a knit blend with a simple blouse or T-shirt will work wonderfully. Add a pair of colorful ballerina flats or skimmers to finish off your look.

What office attire is best for women with hair loss?

A. You can’t go wrong with a suit and a pair of classic pumps. Choose shoes with straps, buckles and other accents to draw the attention downward and away from your hair. In the workplace a neat, professional appearance is far more noticeable than a little hair loss.