Older Women Wear Beautiful and Fashionable Hairstyles

older woman with hair loss hair style


Many magazines and Web sites concentrate on hair and beauty tips for the younger generation, but women over 40 like to look good too. We have compiled some terrific style suggestions for more mature women. These cuts are trendy and don’t look dated yet are still age-appropriate. If you want to change your look, consider one of these hairstyles for women over 40.

Top style suggestions for mature women

Keep it short
Extremely long hair can age a woman. Instead, consider a shorter hairstyle. A short haircut with light layers is perfect for more mature women with wavy hair. The top can be a little longer and worn slightly messy while still looking sophisticated. Sharon Stone is an example of a woman who has worn many versions of a short, layered cut over the years, and she looks fabulous.

Consider a bob
Instead of a supershort bob with a highly stacked back, consider a longer, medium-length bob. This cut works well with both curly and straight hair. A modified bob looks wonderful with bangs. Heavy bangs aren’t just trendy; they can also make your hair look thicker.

Flip it out
A short- to medium-length hairstyle with lift at the crown and razored layers is a fantastic option, particularly for those women with thinning hair. Hair that flips out at the ends is trendy without looking too young. To flip out the ends, use a round brush and diffuser on your blow-dryer to keep the damage to a minimum.

Above the ears
A supershort pixie cut can be flattering on most women. This low-maintenance style looks great with slightly wispy, splintered bangs and an off-center part. Short styles like this are particularly flattering to women with small features. Warning: Avoid leaving too much hair on the top — you’ll end up looking like a cotton swab.

Although face-framing haircuts are popular among the younger set, this style can also work for women over 40. Medium-length hair that is just above the shoulders is ideal. You can leave the hair blunt in the back and add gently face-framing layers. Side-swept bangs work nicely with this haircut.

More hair tips for mature women

  • Lighten up. A mixture of subtle highlights and lowlights is terrific for women with thinning hair. Harsh highlights are generally not as flattering.
  • Hydrate. Keep your hair looking full and healthy by using a deep conditioner on a weekly basis. Dry, damaged hair is brittle and breaks easily — and you want to keep all the hair you have! Use a shampoo that is labeled “moisturizing” or “volumizing” to keep your hair hydrated and looking its best.
  • Color me beautiful. Rich browns and deep reds with multidimensional highlights can make your hair look thicker and more lustrous. When coloring your hair, don’t go too dark if your hair is extremely thin — it will make your scalp more noticeable.
  • Don’t shampoo every day. Believe it or not, you don’t need to wash your hair every day. In fact, your hairstyle might even look better on the second day after washing. Unless your hair is extremely oily, try skipping a day between shampoos.

Just because you are over 40 doesn’t mean you should fall into a beauty rut. If you haven’t changed your hairstyle in years, it may be time to try something a little different. Don’t be afraid to go shorter than you have in the past — your hair will grow out faster than you expect.

Look through magazines and find pictures of women with hairstyles that you like. Bring the photos with you to the salon and talk to your stylist about which haircuts will work the best with your face shape and features.

While 40, as they say, is the new 30, it can also cause a hairstyle dilemma. You must tiptoe the line between an immature ‘do and one that inadvertently adds unwanted years to your look. With a little forethought and know-how, however, you can find the perfect hairstyle.