Some Simple Fixes for All Too Common Hair Disasters




Everybody has a bad hair day now and again. However, what you may perceive as a hair disaster doesn’t have to be a nightmare. These common hair dilemmas have simple fixes.

Horrible haircut

The worst hair disaster that you can imagine is the bad haircut. Maybe you tried out a new stylist or something went wrong at your favorite barber. It doesn’t matter exactly how it happened — you just want to know how to fix it.
If your hair was cut too short, unfortunately for it to be completely fixed, it will have to grow out. You can, however, mask your hair dilemma in the meantime by following these simple suggestions.

  • Calm down and assess the situation. You might want to scream with fright when you look in the mirror, but just exactly how bad is it? Take a look at your hair objectively. Maybe it’s not the style you were going for, but is it workable?
  • Is it uneven? If your hair was cut unevenly, you are in luck. Messy, uneven layers are in style for both men and women. They can even make your hair look thicker and fuller — which is great for thinning hair. Perhaps with a few more snips of the scissors, you can get that edgy look that is trendy right now.
  • Consider chopping it all off. If the haircut is a real disaster, men should consider a buzz cut and women a pixie cut. Short hair looks fabulous. It’s cool, comfortable and easy to maintain. Even if you never thought about a supershort style before, it might be your best alternative now.
  • While your bad haircut is growing out, you are going to need to rely on hair accessories. Men can cover up with hats and head wraps, if necessary. For women, you have plenty of alternatives, ranging from wigs and extensions to hats and scarves to hair clips and barrettes.

Remember, time heals all wounds. Keep your hair as healthy as possible, and it will grow out faster than you think.
To avoid future bad haircuts, instruct your stylist to trim only a little bit at a time and to show your hair to you in the mirror each step of the way. Bring pictures from magazines to show the stylist what type of cut you are looking for and the length of hair you want.

Hair-coloring disaster

Coloring your hair at home is very tempting — it’s inexpensive and relatively easy to do. Unfortunately, mistakes do happen, but a hair-coloring disaster is much more easily fixed than a bad haircut.
Wrong color. Your local beauty supply store can help you choose color-removing products to help restore your hair to its original tones. These products contain bleach and can remove both permanent and semipermanent hair color. If your hair is relaxed or permed, don’t use these products — the combination makes for too many chemicals. Instead, book the soonest appointment at the salon and see if you can get a new color or highlights to make your hair look beautiful again.
Too much bleach. If you overbleached your hair, we wouldn’t suggest trying to fix it on your own. Bleached hair is very fragile and you risk severe breakage. Call a reputable salon and explain your issue; then make an appointment to discuss the alternatives to restore your lovely locks.

Frizzed out hair

Frizzy hair can be caused by too many chemicals (perms, hair coloring, bleach, etc.), too much heat from styling tools or even the weather. When your hair is frizzed out, follow these steps to get it under control.
Use a deep conditioner. Your hair is frizzy and unruly because it’s dried out. Use a deep conditioner once or twice a week to heal and hydrate your hair.
Slather on a serum. Hair serums smooth away frizz and can protect your hair from heat and other damaging elements. Apply a serum enriched with vitamins and containing a UV protectant to leave your hair shiny and smooth.
You can try to avoid frizz in the first place by following these simple suggestions:

  • Shampoo every other day with a moisturizing shampoo. Condition your hair daily.
  • Have your hair cut every six weeks to reduce split ends.
  • Don’t rub your hair vigorously with a towel; instead blot it dry.
  • Whenever possible, allow your hair to dry naturally rather than using a blow-dryer.
  • Use a leave-in conditioner to fortify your hair and smooth the cuticle.

Don’t reach for a hat next time your hair isn’t looking its best. Follow these tips and fixes to get your hair back to looking fabulous once again.