Best Hair Replacement Care Products: Jorgen and La Gem


Best Hair Replacement Care Products of 2011 - Best Hair Replacement Care Products: Jorgen and La Gem


Great time, care and money go into creating custom-made hair replacement systems or hairpieces. They can be designed, cut, styled and colored to create a natural look for both men and women. Once you have invested in a hair system, it’s essential that you protect your investment. You shouldn’t use any ordinary shampoo, conditioner or other hair care products. Instead, consider our choices for the best hair replacement care products from Hair Visions International — Jorgen for men and La Gem for women.

Jorgen products for hair systems and hairpieces

Moisturizing shampoo, color-enhancing conditioner, and other hair care products can keep your hair system shiny and healthy — even for men with an active lifestyle.

“The Jorgen line offers 19 products that are suitable and designed to nourish and protect hair systems,” says Steve Levy, sales manager at Hair Visions. “These products are formulated to work with each other to help hair hold its color and style.”

In addition to shampoos and conditioners, Jorgen offers a number of special products for various hairstyles. Jorgen Wet Look Lotion is a special liquid spray gel with top-notch holding power to achieve the coveted wet look. If you’d rather a dry, free-flowing style, the light hold of Jorgen Finishing Spray would be a better option.

La Gem hair care products for women

Created from botanical ingredients, La Gem hair products fight ultraviolet rays, decrease breakage, and leave your hair system looking and feeling beautiful. The sun can cause significant dryness, damage, and color loss. That’s why La Gem hair products are packed with sunscreen and other essentials designed to protect your hair from the sun and nourish it with organic ingredients.

“If you use the wrong products or don’t care for the hair properly, hair systems can end up in a tangled messy ball,” says customer services manager, Christine Graham. La Gem hair care products for women were specifically created for the care and maintenance of hair systems. From the softening shampoo to the leave-in conditioner to the de-frizzing serum, each product has been proven effective in retaining color, eliminating tangles, and limiting breakage.

“The studio or salon can help you choose the specific products that are right for you,” says Levy. “For example, different products are suited for different lifestyles and climates or for different things the client wants to do with the hair.”

Hair loss can cause feelings of self-doubt and low self-esteem. No matter the cause of your hair loss, a hair replacement system can be the perfect solution for you. Once you’ve decided to invest in a hair system, protect your investment by caring for your hair with the right products and tools. The wrong products can leave your hair system damaged and dull and, worse yet, reduce its durability and longevity. Before you know it, you’ll be shopping for a new hair system again. For the best shampoos, conditioners, and other hair care products available, we recommend Jorgen for men and La Gem for women.