Hats and Head Coverings Can Improve Your Overall Look




When men begin losing their hair, their first inclination might be to cover up with a baseball cap. But let’s face it, unless you are actually at the ballpark, a baseball cap isn’t a very fashionable choice. Fortunately, if you are a man experiencing hair loss, you have many other alternatives in hats and headwear.

Here, we explore stylish possibilities for every occasion – and for every hair loss condition.

Felt Fedora

For more formal occasions, the fedora is the answer. Though these “gangster hats” are suitable for casual wear, they’re perfect when you are actually wearing a suit. P inched in the front and tilted slightly to the side, the fedora adds a sense of mystery and simple sophistication. Splurge a little and get a high-quality felt fedora from a hat shop or department store. If you don’t have the cash to spend right now, you might also be able to find a classic fedora at a thrift store or antique shop.

Ivy and Pub Caps

The ivy cap has many names. You might know it as the golf cap, driver cap or flat cap. These rounded caps have a very small brim. You can often find ivy caps in tweed, wool or cotton. Pub caps (also referred to as duckbill caps) have soared in popularity in recent years. They are a slightly modified version of the ivy cap. Offering a more streamlined, form-fitting look, the pub cap fits a little more closely to the head. These caps can be worn by men and women of all ages. Celebrities from athletes to movie stars to musicians have been spotted wearing flat caps including Michael Jordan, Brad Pitt and many hip hop artists. A modern, urban look is to wear the ivy or pub cap reversed.

Head Scarves

Hats aren’t the end-all to headwear. Headscarves and bandanas are not only a comfortable hair loss covering but are also extremely popular. They come in an assortment of fabrics and styles, from colorful silk prints to cotton neutrals. You can wear headscarves over the entire head or fold into a headband. Headscarves are traditionally reserved for more casual wear for both men and women.

Hat Tips

Whether you wear hats everyday or just for special occasions, you should know the basics of hat etiquette. In eras gone by, hats were never worn indoors. However in recent years, that rule has changed a little bit. In casual restaurants, nightclubs and parties, hats can be worn inside, though some establishments have specific regulations against wearing hats indoors.

Keep in mind that hats should never be worn inside a church, at a more formal restaurant or in an elevator.

Though the custom may be a bit outdated, it’s still considered a polite gesture for a man to tip his hat to a lady in passing or to remove his hat altogether in the presence of females. And don’t forget, everyone should remove their hats during the National Anthem. When you take your hat off, hold it in front of you with the outside of the hat visible to others rather than showing the lining.

Hair Loss & Hats

Contrary to what some may think, wearing a hat does not cause hair loss. However, be sure to choose a hat that fits properly. A hat should not be binding or so tight that it leaves a mark on your head. Very tight hats may cut off circulation to your hair follicles, which can eventually stunt hair growth and cause some hair loss.

When shopping for hats, try on various styles to find the perfect hat to fit your wardrobe, personality and style. Though hats are available from thousands of brands and designers, some of today’s more popular hat makers include Goorin Brothers, New Era, Kangol, Makins and Brixton.