Helpful Tips and Tricks for Healthy Hair From the Experts




Whether you are completely bald, are experiencing the first signs of thinning hair or have other hair loss conditions or other hair concerns, it’s important to take steps to get your locks back into healthy condition again. We talked to some top celebrity stylists and other hair care experts who offered these tips and tricks for keeping your hair as healthy as possible and preventing hair loss.

Top celebrity hairstylist Nick Arrojo provides these suggestions to keep your hair healthy and looking fabulous.

Seven Tips for Healthy Hair

  • Stress, health, and diet all play a part in thinning-out hair. So eat healthily and be well for thick, luscious locks!
  • People’s hair is never as thick as it was in their youth. As we age, we get wrinkles and our skin loses its elasticity. Also as we age, our hair begins to thin out.
  • Medical hair growth treatments can and do work for some, but to keep up the hair growth, you’ll have to keep up the treatments for life. So before you start down this road, be sure that you are prepared for the lifelong commitment.
  • Go for bangs. This will allow you to style your hair forward instead of brushing it back. Bringing your hair forward is another excellent way to give the illusion of thickness; if you brush or slick it back, thinness becomes much more visible.
  • If your hair is anywhere between superfine and floppy to noticeably translucent, your focus should be on getting a shorter, more textured hairstyle. This is, without a doubt, essential for thinner hair types. If your hair is thin in density, fine, and light, a short haircut will allow the hairs of your head to sit on top of one another and give you that vital illusion of thickness (as opposed to a long hairstyle, which will hang straight down and consequently appear even more fine and thin). You’ll lose that feeling of thin hair — and you’ll be more comfortable with your locks. Layering your short hair will add to the illusion of thickness.
  • To cleanse and condition really fine hair, use the lightest daily shampoo and the lightest daily conditioner you can find. Thicker moisturizing products will weigh down your hair, giving you a flat and floppy look.
  • For styling, volumizing foam is your number-one go-to product. This will help you to build density, texture and dimension. But remember, finer, thinner hair doesn’t need too much product; again, it’ll only weigh it down.

Filtered water

River Lloyd, the stylist, John Frieda Salon in New York City, offers this suggestion for healthy hair:

“One of the most important things you can do if you have delicate or sensitive hair is to wash it with filtered water. Chlorine, which is added to tap water to disinfect it, strips hair of its natural oils and damages the hair and scalp. I like the Aquasana shower filter because it removes the most chlorine and is easy to install and use. Shampooing with filtered water will also reduce your need for damaging, heat-based styling tools like flatirons because your hair will be much cleaner and more manageable out of the shower.”

We also talked to Dr. David H. Kingsley, a board-certified trichologist (hair restoration doctor) with a Ph.D. in the psychology of hair loss. He offers these tips for healthy hair.

Regular scalp massage

Dr. Kingsley says, “A good scalp massage helps with the removal of wastes and increases the ability for nutrients to reach the hair follicle. It is also very relaxing. Put your head in your hands and gently knead the scalp whenever you need a few moments to relax. Also, knead your scalp during shampooing.”

Comb before brushing

“Vigorous brushing can cause the hair to break, especially if the hair is tangled,” says Dr. Kingsley. “Try combing the tangles out first by combing from the ends to the roots. To do this, section your hair and then take an inch of the sectioned hair at the bottom and comb out the tangles. Move up to the next inch and comb downward. Keep doing this until that section of hair has been completely detangled, and then move on to the next section.”

By following these tips and tricks, your hair can get healthy and stay healthy for years to come.