A Look At Men’s Jewelry Trends: Watches, Rings and More

Rocker/Biker studio portraits
Rocker/Biker studio portraits


Years ago most men would wear a wristwatch but not much more jewelry. However, now more and more jewelry styles and designs are being created just for men. From funky cufflinks to sparkling earrings to big watches and chunky bracelets, a wide array of men’s jewelry is available. Let’s look at some of the top trends in men’s jewelry.

Biker jewelry

Biker or motorcycle jewelry features symbols of rebellion and strength, such as skulls, crossbones, snakes, knives and crosses. This type of jewelry isn’t just for hard-core bikers, goths and punks; in recent years biker jewelry has become a little less harsh while maintaining its edgy appeal, making it more attractive to the average man.

Dog tags

Sterling silver and stainless steel dog tag pendants are a hot choice in men’s jewelry. You can get them personalized with custom engraving or you can choose one that is embellished with a cross, skull, fleur-de-lis, crown or other design. These necklaces are stylish and affordable — most priced at under a hundred bucks.

Titanium bracelets

Bracelets aren’t considered girly anymore. If you are looking to give a gift to your husband, boyfriend, father or any other man in your life, a titanium bracelet is a good bet. Look for modern styles that incorporate unique materials such as rubber, wood, ceramic and gemstones. Pick a bracelet that isn’t too thin or delicate.

Diamond earrings

Entertainers and athletes have been wearing big diamond stud earrings for quite some time. And over the last year or two, it’s becoming more common for the average man as well to wear large, sparkling diamonds. If you can’t afford large diamonds, don’t be afraid to experiment with cubic zirconia and other alternatives.

Onyx rings

Black onyx is a manly stone that is often incorporated into men’s jewelry. This season, look for chunky onyx rings. Pick a ring with a large onyx center stone set in sterling silver and accented with crystals or diamonds. Although the pinky ring is popular in some circles, a ring worn on the middle or ring finger will look good on any man. Onyx offers a sophisticated, masculine look and can be worn anywhere, from the office to a night out on the town.

Big watches

Large-faced watches that fit loosely are popular among men in their 20s and 30s. Jacob the Jeweler is one of the more famous designers of this type of watch and has created customized watches for many of today’s top celebrities. Look for big platinum watches embellished with diamonds and other gemstones.

Belt buckles

A belt isn’t just to hold up your pants these days. It’s a way to make a fashion statement with the buckle. You can find everything from Western belt buckles accented with chunky turquoise to urban belt buckles encrusted with diamonds. Studded buckles offer an edgy yet retro look, while bottle opener buckles and LED displays have novelty appeal. This season the selection of belt buckles is anything but boring. Shop around and find something that fits your personality.

Colorful cuff links

For the office and special occasions, leave your simple silver cuff links at home. Instead, select a pair of colorful cuff links that really stand out. Burberry creates an assortment of cuff links in their signature check pattern in colors from vibrant purple to subtle beige. You can also find novelty cuff links with the insignia and colors of your favorite sports team. Additionally, polka dot and striped cuff links also are growing in popularity.

If you are in a fashion rut or just want to step outside of the box in a stylish way, jewelry has become an appropriate outlet for all men. By following the latest trends and selecting a few quality pieces, you can update your current wardrobe. In time any man can figure out how to accessorize with jewelry — even if the process starts with a single wristwatch.