Hair Extensions Lengthen Hair and Can Also Hide Hair Loss




If you still have some healthy hair and are just missing some patches that aren’t on top of your head, and are not in the midst of losing your hair, then you can consider having hair extensions attached to cover the missing spots and extend existing hair — an easy way to feel a whole lot better, fast!

How do hair extensions work?

As long as you are NOT currently in the midst of progressive hair loss and you have a lot of healthy hair to which hair extensions can be attached, you can achieve excellent results through hair extensions. There are many different types of hair extensions and different ways they can be attached, although for hair loss clients most specialists agree that sewing, knotting or tiny links is the best way to attach hair extensions to avoid further stress from chemicals, adhesives and heat.

Are hair extensions for me?

  • Do I have lots of healthy hair?
  • Am I just missing a few permanent patches that are not on top of my head?
  • Can I afford regular salon upkeep?
  • What is my budget?
  • Do I have alopecia areata?
  • Is my hair loss temporary?

Custom-made hair extensions

Custom hair extensions are an excellent choice for permanent or semi-permanent hair replacements that are designed to suit your particular hair color, texture, density, length, style and particular hair loss needs. Although they are your most expensive option, “Each individual strand is sewn into the custom-designed hair solution one strand of hair at a time, creating a system that can be integrated into your existing hair,” explains Elline Surianello, owner of LeMetric Hair Center in New York City and herself a hair loss sufferer. After suffering for years with Alopecia areata, she developed her own system of creating hair replacements that are virtually undetectable and last several years, with regular care. Some hair extensions, depending upon how they are attached, may need to be removed and re-attached every few months. “But unlike hair extensions that need to be replaced every few months, our system allows your hairstyle to be changeable, whether that means adding more hair, or changing the color or cut whenever you desire,” explains Surianello.” When you work with a hair loss professional, if you can afford it, the results will be more realistic and longer-lasting because they will create a plan specifically tailored for your lifestyle, hair loss needs, and budget.

Pre-made hair extensions

Most hair loss professionals would not recommend pre-made hair extensions to their hair loss clients because they are usually clipped or glued in — both undesirable options when dealing with hair loss issues. They last typically only a few months, and they are not gentle to existing hair and can result in more hair loss and weakening, especially if applied improperly or by someone inexperienced with Hair Loss issues.

What can I expect from my hair extensions?

Custom-made hair extensions can cover bald spots and patches beautifully and if you can afford it, will give you the most natural-looking results. While these systems should be maintained by a professional, you should also ask about special hair care products that don’t contain sodium lauryl sulfate and are low on alcohol to create the gentlest environment you can for your existing hair advise hair stylists.

Find a skilled hair extensions practitioner:

  • Ask to see before & after photos of clients
  • Ask how long the practitioner has been providing hair extensions
  • Ask about methods
  • Ask about the practitioner’s experience with hair loss

The bottom line on hair extensions:

Be sure to do your research and have your hair loss diagnosis in hand before searching out hair extensions to make sure you’re an appropriate candidate. The last thing you want to do is put your hair under more stress.