If You Wear Hair Systems Avoid Bad Hair Days on Your Trip




Hair replacement specialists agree that you really must take care of hair you wear … especially when on vacation or while traveling because things could go wrong. Whether you are traveling for business or for leisure, you definitely want to avoid any bad hair days or emergencies. A great rule of thumb is to have your hair serviced and styled as close as possible to the time you leave for your trip. This way you get to learn any limitations of the hair system you have and make adjustments, advises Lisa Lewis, certified Hair Replacement Specialist and owner of Wiggit II in Clovis, CA. “I always give my clients a prescription card with every purchase or service that instructs them on the limitations of their hair systems as well as how to care for them and what to do in case of emergencies,” says Lewis emphatically. Jeanne Sheldon, owner of Allusions Hair Restoration Studio in Cincinnati, OH agrees that clients should get advice from their hair replacement specialist on the type of attachment they have depending on the activity level of their trip, too.

When it comes to hair systems, be hair-aware!

Hair replacement specialists agree that you always have to be mindful of your hair, how it is attached, and what type of hair and hair system you use when traveling. For example, explains Lewis,” If you have synthetic hair, you can’t just jump into a Jacuzzi or lounge around in a sauna because your hair may melt!” And with hair extensions, it’s widely known that a lot of water activities and/or washing puts stress on the attachments because of the weight of the water. Mimi Miller, a Hair Enhancement Specialist at Evolve Salon in Las Vegas, NV, actually prefers to use synthetic curly or wavy hair extensions for clients with that type of style who are going on vacation because they don’t need to be styled, they hold their shape well, and they’re so inexpensive that they can be discarded when the client returns from her trip.

Jeanne Sheldon advises sunscreen for your hair systems. “Hair color can oxidize under sun and chlorine exposure faster, so pack a sunscreen hair spray to prevent any possible color fade.” Lewis advises clients to protect their long hairpiece and style by braiding it together or putting it all into a pretty bun and to protect it from the sun by wearing a hat. And Miller adds, “I also recommend that my clients wrap their heads in a scarf to prevent lift and tangling while sleeping, especially in humid climates. And, if they will be swimming in the ocean I advise them to apply a leave-in conditioner and a detangler both before AND after swimming in the ocean or pool.” The experts agree that you have to be careful around the ocean because activity and salt content can activate tangling and pulling on the hair system. “Hairspray is the worst. Avoid wearing a lot of hairspray if you’re going in the ocean because saltwater and hairspray combined cause the worst tangles,” cautions Miller. “Another issue is your destination. Many times if you are traveling from a cooler climate to hot, you’ll notice your hair system begin to lift, or adhesive can melt and drip out a little. Luckily it can be removed with a little alcohol on a toothbrush or orangewood stick (Never use a cotton ball which just sticks to it more!) and adhesive is tacky so it will re-stick if you just push down on it!”

So take precautions to enjoy your vacation… and your hair! But experts agree, see your hair replacement specialist as soon as you return to clean, freshen, repair, and re-attach any loose ends!


Always carry these four essentials to avoid hair disasters whenever you traveling, says Lisa Lewis:

  1. A Prescription/Care Card for your hair system.
  2. Bobby pins to hold hair extensions up if one comes loose.
  3. Tiny rubber bands if braids come undone or to hold hair extensions in place.
  4. Adhesive, tape, and/or clips in case hair system repairs are necessary.

If you have to bring alcohol, liquid adhesive or another solvent, be aware of the airport rules for carrying these liquids. Many airlines do not allow liquids to be stored in glass.

If you wear hair systems or hair extensions and you travel, make sure to look up hair replacement centers that are close to your destination. Call in advance and know their operating hours and contact information in case of an emergency.