A Look At Bands, Clips and Other Trendy Hair Accessories




When you want to change up your look, you don’t have to spend a bundle on a new haircut or a whole new wardrobe. An easy way to add some pizzazz is with hair accessories. Hair accessories can hide hair loss, camouflage a bad hair day or just jazz up your look.

Alice bands

Old school, horseshoe-shaped plastic headbands, often called Alice bands after Alice in Wonderland, are in style once again. Alice bands, as well as simple elastic headbands, look fantastic when paired with 1960s-inspired hairstyles such as beehives and flips. What’s great about these hair accessories is that they come in every color and are affordable. You can find Alice bands and elastic headbands for under $5 apiece.

Head scarves

The head scarf is a versatile hair accessory for both men and women. Right now, casual head scarves in black-and-white graphic prints are very trendy. They can be worn year-round but are great in the summertime to protect your hair and scalp from the heat. A head scarf is also a fantastic way to disguise thinning hair, a receding hairline or just a bad hair day.

Floral hair clips

As we head into spring, floral hair accessories will be more popular than ever. Look for hair clips, combs, barrettes and other accessories in blooming floral motifs. From crystal floral hairpins to flowery chiffon head wraps, you are sure to find an amazing array of floral hair accessories for springtime.

Hair crystals

Hair crystals are becoming increasingly popular for adding some sparkle to your look. Many companies, including Hair Flairs and Glisten by Micabella, offer hair crystals and charms that you flatiron into your hair. You basically cut a strip of the crystals from the packet and apply them to your hair with the adhesive side sticking to your hair. Then you flatiron each jewel into place.

When you peel away the film, you are left with dazzling hair that is perfect for an evening out. Many celebrities including Beyonce have been spotted with hair crystals in recent months.

Beaded ponytail holders

Instead of plain elastics or tacky scrunchies to hold back your ponytail, use beautiful beaded ponytail holders instead. These types of ponytail holders are like jewelry for your hair. Coral, turquoise and natural stone ponytail holders are very trendy. You can wear necklaces and bracelets to match or just let the hair accessories make a statement on their own.

Huge barrettes

At Fashion Week Spring 2011, we saw very futuristic, huge barrettes at the Cynthia Rowley show. Although catwalk fashion trends rarely make it from the runway to real life, we are seeing more and more of these types of giant barrettes being offered in stores. They can span the entire width of your head to hold a bun or updo in place.

Like handbags, jewelry and other items, hair accessories are a fabulous way to add some color, style or shine to your look. When shopping for hair accessories, keep your hair texture and length in mind, as some pieces are better suited for thin hair, while others work well with thicker, longer hair. If you have thinning or damaged hair, talk to your stylist before applying hair crystals. In some cases they could cause additional damage to your hair during application and removal.

Since hair accessories can be purchased without breaking the bank, don’t be afraid to mix and match different sizes, colors and designs. Eventually, you will find the right hair accessories that are perfectly suited to your hair, personality and sense of style.