Hair Loss Or Not, Wearing Hats Can Be Both Stylish and Fun




Style tips for men with hair loss and who wear hats

To look your best for every occasion, follow these simple fashion and style tips.

Make sure it fits – Don’t wear anything too baggy or too tight. Even for casual wear, ill-fitting apparel isn’t attractive. And contrary to popular belief, baggy clothes don’t cover up extra weight; in fact, they can make you look larger.

Splurge on the classics – If you are going to spend a lot of money on a piece of clothing, make sure it’s a classic that you can wear season in and season out. It’s not worth it to spend a fortune on trendy items what will go out of style in heartbeat.

Pick the right hats – Don’t wear a casual hat with a suit. Fedoras, bowlers and panama hats are good choices. Save the baseball caps and bucket hats for sporting events and other very casual occasions.

If you have hair loss, don’t pull a comb-over – It doesn’t work for Donald Trump or anyone else. Instead, get a short haircut or shave your head bald. If you are self-conscious about a receding hairline, wear a hat or look into the myriad of new hair loss treatments available to you.

Invest in shoes – One thing that people notice is your shoes. From potential employers to potential girlfriends, all eyes are on your footwear. Invest in a high-quality pair of dress shoes and keep them in tiptop condition.

Undershirts go underneath – Undershirts weren’t created to be worn alone. Don’t wear a “wife beater” or crewneck undershirt without another shirt on top of it.

Buy clothes you like – When shopping, don’t worry about the top brand or hot trends. Buy clothes that you actually like. From hats to shoes, if you like an item, you are going to wear it often and get the most for your money.

Both functional and chic, here are five hats every man should own

5_Hats_fedora Classic Fedora
A classic fedora will add a touch of class to even the most simple outfit. From Humphrey Bogart to Indiana Jones, men have been wearing fedoras on and off the silver screen for decades. Pick a fedora in a neutral color such as black, brown or grey. Popular fedora designers include Dobbs, Goorin, Bailey and Makins. For a vintage fedora, look for a Borsolino from the 1950s. You can often find vintage hats at thrift stores and costume shops. A felt fedora with a silk band is a fantastic choice. For summer, you can also find wonderful options in light colored straw.
5_Hats_bucket Bucket Hat
For casual wear, a bucket hat is a hot choice. Unlike a baseball cap, a bucket hat protects your neck as well as your head from the sun. Perfect for travel, bucket hats pack flat and have a wide enough brim to shield your eyes from the sun. Select a bucket hat in cotton canvas with a mesh or wicking lining to keep the perspiration away from your skin. Bucket hats come in a range of colors from basic neutrals such as black, white and khaki to bold brights such as fire engine red and sunny yellow.
5_Hats_flatcap Flat Cap
A flat cap is a rounded cap for men, which has a small brim just in the front. The style originated in 14th century Britain. Common in tweed or wool, these caps are also available in other fabrics from cotton to leather as well. In the U.S., flat caps are often referred to as driving caps, golf caps or ivy caps. Celebrities from Michael Jordan to Brad Pitt have been spotted in flat caps in recent years. Depending on the fabric, they can be worn with casual or more formal wear.
5_Hats_beanie Beanie
For wintertime, a beanie is a must. Pick a knit beanie made from wool or acrylic cable knit. You can lose much of you body heat through your head. So keeping your head warm is critical. Beanies are casual and normally only worn outdoors. They come in a variety of colors and thicknesses. These affordable caps are available at most department stores and men’s boutiques for under $25.
5_Hats_newsboy Newsboy Cap
Newsboy caps, also called baker boy caps, were very popular around the turn of the century and have come back into fashion in recent years. Popular for both men and women, these caps feature a rounded body with a button on top. Great for casual occasions, newsboy caps come in wool or tweed for winter and lighter fabrics such as cotton for summertime.