If You Can’t Hit the Gym, Learn to Dress Slimmer and Trimmer




If you are carrying a little extra weight, don’t stress. Eat right and exercise daily; you’ll start to drop pounds before you know it. In the meantime, you can dress slimmer by selecting the right clothes. The right silhouette, fabric and texture of clothing can make you look a size or two smaller.

Everyone knows that dark colors and vertical stripes have a slimming effect. However, there are a number of other things that you can do to look thinner.

Follow these 12 simple fashion tips to look slimmer:

Don’t wear baggy clothes
Many women try to hide their bulges by covering up with oversized clothes. In reality, baggy clothes will make you look even larger than you are by adding bulk. Instead of baggy attire, pick clothes that fit. Form-fitting clothes that aren’t too baggy or too clingy are the most flattering.

If you are small on the top and large on the bottom (or vice versa), buy separates or head to the tailor to get your dresses altered.

Wrap it up
If you have a thick middle, wrap dresses and skirts are a good choice. They draw the eye to the side, rather than to a waistband or belt.

Pay attention to the hemline, making sure it doesn’t fall at the widest part of your leg. Miniskirts aren’t suited for women with big thighs, and capri pants aren’t the best choice for women with thick calves. Generally, a knee-length skirt will look great on everyone.

Avoid boxy jackets
Jackets and blouses that finish at your waist will make you look wider. Instead, select jackets that are hip-length and purchase tunics instead of cropped tops.

If you are heavy up top, pick a lapel-free jacket. In contrast, if you carry your weight in the bottom half, select a jacket with a lapel or a top with a unique neckline.

Rethink dark colors
Although black is obviously slimming, don’t overlook the other dark colors. Dress monochromatically in shades of navy blue, forest green, chocolate brown, deep plum and charcoal gray.

Match your pantyhose or tights to your dress/skirt and shoes. This unbroken line of color draws the eye vertically, creating an elongating, slimming silhouette.

Wear bright colors correctly
Dress smart and use bright colors and bold patterns to your advantage. You can use them to draw the eye away from problem areas. For example, if you are pear-shaped (carrying your weight in the lower body), wear a bold jacket or colorful print blouse to take the emphasis away from your hips and thighs.

Watch your posture
To make your clothes drape properly, stand up straight and watch your posture when walking and sitting, as well. Good posture can make you look a size smaller. If you find yourself slouching, practice by walking around your house while balancing a book on your head. Yoga also can help improve your posture.

Wear the right undergarments
If your lingerie doesn’t fit, your clothes won’t drape properly. Make sure that your bra and panties aren’t too tight, causing the fabric to pull, bunch or bind. Look for garments with slimming control panels to keep any rolls and bulges as smooth and flat as possible.

Select v-neck tops and dresses
V-neck tops and dresses are sexy and flattering. They emphasize your cleavage and draw attention away from hips, the stomach or any other problem areas. When wearing a deep v-neck, add a colorful chunky necklace or bold pendant.

Put on your high heels
Flat shoes can make your legs look chunky, particularly if you are short. To elongate the look of your legs and slim the calves, select high-heel pumps and sandals instead. Avoid ankle straps, which cut across the line of your legs and make them look stumpy.

Pick a-line skirts
The most universally appealing skirt is 1 to 2 inches above the knee with an A-line shape. A-line skirts can hide thick thighs while looking feminine, flirty and fun. Try to avoid pleats and ruffles, which will add bulk and magnify the area that they rest on.

Don’t go sleeveless
In the wintertime, three-quarter-length sleeves or long bell sleeves are ideal for women with heavy upper arms. In the summer, when you want to cool down, don’t go sleeveless. Instead, select tops with short or cap sleeves that don’t bind the skin.

Put up your hair
Get a haircut with a little volume on top or put your hair in an updo to slim the look of your face. By putting the attention on your hair and makeup, you’ll draw attention upward and away from any body imperfections. There are a number of Web sites that allow you to upload your photograph and “try on” different hairstyles before heading to the salon.