Look Stylish and Professional, In Spite Of Your Hair Loss




Are you looking to change your look? Do it with hair color! If you have been stuck in a beauty rut for a while, hair color is a fabulous way to update your look without much trouble or expense.
Many men over 40 are looking for a hairstyle that not only is professional and stylish but also can minimize the appearance of hair loss. Your stylist can help camouflage a receding hairline, thinning hair or hair loss at the crown. Consider one of these hairstyles that are perfectly suited for mature men.

Ideal hairstyles for men suffering from hair loss

Classic short cut
Do you want your hair to look thicker? The answer is in layering and texture. A classic short hairstyle with a textured top can make you appear younger and can disguise allover thinning hair. A short haircut is easy to maintain and professional, making it an ideal style for older men on the go.
Caesar cut
For men over 40 who are dealing with a receding hairline, the Caesar haircut is the answer. Popularized by George Clooney a few years ago, the Caesar is a short cut where the hair on the top is combed forward. This is a trendy hairstyle that works for men of all ages.
Medium-length layered cut
If you want to wear your hair a little longer as you get older, you definitely can — just not too long. A medium-length cut with layers creates texture and fullness to draw the eyes away from a bald spot on the crown. This haircut works best with wavy hair or hair that is a bit thick, rather than thin, straight hair.
Contoured short cut with side part
For men with strong features, a short haircut with a side part will add some curve and fullness to the hair. Avoid hairstyles that are too blunt. A contoured haircut that is tapered in the back and sides offers a classic, professional look that is suitable for more mature men.
Shave your head
If you are tired of fighting a losing battle with thinning hair, consider shaving your head. Bald is beautiful, and women love rubbing a bald head! If you don’t want to make a drastic change from your current look, get a buzz cut for a few months before taking the plunge and shaving it all off.

Hair tips for men over 40 with thinning hair

  • Try hair color. Gray hair can be very distinguished; however, if you think your gray hair is aging you too much, consider hair color. Don’t make any wild changes; instead pick a shade of hair dye as close as possible to your natural hair color. If possible, have it done professionally (at least the first time) to cover up your gray while still looking natural.
  • Get it cut. If you have thin hair or are battling hair loss, a long hairstyle probably isn’t for you. A long style can weigh down your hair, making it look even thinner than it actually is. Instead try a short, tapered cut. You can leave the hair a bit longer on the top and use mousse to get a tousled, messy look.
  • Pick the right products. Avoid hair products that are high in alcohol, which can dry and damage your hair. Look for moisturizing, volumizing shampoo and conditioner to help your hair look thicker. If you use gel, mousse or pomade, a little bit is all that’s needed. Too much will do more harm than good. Try to let your hair air-dry whenever possible, and never rub your hair vigorously. Instead pat or blot it dry with a soft towel.

While men in their 40s may be a bit more limited in their hairstyle options than they were in their 20s, there are still a number of exciting possibilities — whether the goal is to negate the effects of hair loss or to simply create a new look.