Television Actor Jason Alexander Wears Hair Systems




In September 2011, Palestinians officially requested recognition as a state from the United Nations, Saudi Arabia finally gave women the vote and a listeriosis outbreak caused deaths in 20 states. Yet the top of actor Jason Alexander’s head commanded as much, if not more, attention in the Twitter-verse as any of these.

Alexander, who has many impressive credits but will always be remembered for his hysterical work as George Costanza on television’s Seinfeld, has for decades been one of the most recognizable bald actors in the world. So imagine the reaction when he made a public appearance with a new head of hair.

Alexander had given fans fair warning, tweeting several months earlier, “Don’t be shocked if you suddenly see picts of me with more hair than usual.” And after his appearance provoked a firestorm of comments, the actor posted a lengthy explanation of why he had decided to seek a new look at this stage in his life and career.

Writing via Twitter, Alexander stated that the way his hair had receded in the last two years “was best defined as ‘dorky’… The look lost any kind of impression other than purely comical … (and) I didn’t want it to be the only kind of characters I could be considered for … I’m still bald and yes, just like others in my profession who have to either wear make-up or dye their hair or undergo surgery, I now do a little something. It’s honestly no big deal for me and hope it’s not for you either.”

Alexander’s move made a big splash

Yet it was a big deal, at least in terms of the coverage and attention it attracted. TMZ crowed about “Jason Alexander — The Magical Hair Growth”; Buzzfeed trumpeted, “Jason Alexander Hair Mystery Solved”; and US Magazine wrote, “Jason Alexander Debuts Full Head of Hair.”

Fortunately, most of the reaction has been positive. Alexander wisely chose a hair system that truly looks as if it’s a natural part of him. Because of his fame and the fact that his face is so familiar, it was jarring to many to see him wearing hair. But once the surprise factor wears away, it’s a great look that he works very well.

Indeed, was so impressed with the look and with Alexander’s willingness to explore new options that he feels enhance his life positively that it named him its Person of the Year for 2011.

“Jason Alexander has done some very good work to further the cause of this safe and natural cosmetic hair loss treatment that, when done right, can not only change one’s look but also change one’s outlook on life,” says spokesman Michael Garcia. “Alexander is showing men everywhere that it’s cool to wear hair, and he’s openly challenging the belief that wearing hair should be a hush-hush affair. Jason looks great and he feels great, and what he’s done by shunning the hairpiece closet is inspirational.” is hardly alone in its assessment of Alexander’s new look. There were detractors, of course; some people probably genuinely prefer Alexander without a system, and others may simply be incapable of getting past the fact that he would make a change. But there were also many, many others who expressed their support of Alexander’s bold move.

Alexander’s fans are fond of the change

“Love it! I think he looks great! I wonder why he has not done this sooner!” commented one fan online. “To me he looks a lot younger. And while nowhere near a “full head of hair,” his new appearance does look a lot better than the before picture. “Go, Jason!” said another, while a third asked, “What is it? My husband wants it.” And a fourth astutely stated, “Let the guy be!

Women get to alter their bodies all the time and no one gives a damn. A bald guy decides to get a new head of hair and people start whining about it.”

The last comment brings up a worthwhile point. We live in an image-obsessed society. How a person looks very often has an impact in many areas of his or her life; therefore, being happy and comfortable with one’s appearance is increasingly important. Face-lifts, tummy tucks, Botox injections and other image-altering options for both men and women are readily accepted; but a man who decides to alter his image using a hair system may still excite comment.

In the end, it doesn’t matter what others think. People need to decide what makes them feel comfortable and more “at home” in their bodies. Alexander understands this and is sporting the look that he wants at this point in his life.

May we all develop the self-awareness to be able to pick the path that makes us happy and to follow it.