With Hair Systems, the Right Maintenance Plan Is Key




If you’re searching online for hair replacement services, you may find that it’s hard to compare different products. That’s because every company offers a different array of hair replacement alternatives, quality, service, and pricing. You need to evaluate your particular options, depending upon your expectations, type of hair loss, and budget–preferably in person, before you can make a decision. “There are many ways to accomplish the client’s objectives, says Jeanne Sheldon, owner of Allusions Hair Restoration Studio in Cincinnati, OH, “and a reputable hair replacement studio will try to match your needs with what they think will be the best solution for you.”

How much coverage you require is a prime consideration in choosing an appropriate hair system. So too, is your gender. What works for men won’t necessarily work for women and vice versa, due to the different patterns of hair loss that are peculiar to both sexes. Another deciding factor is your lifestyle. Do you work out regularly? Swim? Do you spend most of your time indoors or outside? These are all viable considerations.

All non-surgical hair systems require service. That means, in addition to a hair cut, revitalizing or replacing the hair system itself. A very active client who is hard on his or her hair will require more service appointments than others. The level of activity will also determine which type of hair will provide the client with the optimal results.

Sheldon recommends real, quality human hair to be the best solution for hair replacement systems. “Synthetic hair is less than ideal for those who lead an active lifestyle because it requires frequent replacement.” For those who are very active, a regular maintenance plan is advisable, and less expensive in the long run because it allows the client to replace damaged hair at minimal cost,” says Sheldon.

Another consideration in selecting the best non-surgical hair replacement method is whether or not you are having scalp problems that would affect the type of application methods that are available. If you fall into this category, you might best be served by looking at options that utilize some of your own existing hair; there are many other different techniques that fall into this category.

The bottom line on hair systems plans

Sheldon advises, “I favor gradual enhancement for new clients. It eases them into having more hair again and of course, can be done in such a way that most people won’t ever realize that the client is having something done to replace his or her hair. That aside, the key to success is that both parties, the client and the provider, have to be flexible. Even though most places will offer a menu of non-surgical programs and options, the determining factor in the client’s satisfaction is to establish a trusting relationship with whomever she or he works with!”