A Look Into Kinder and Cheaper Alternatives to Animal Furs




To fur or not to fur? It’s always such a controversy in the fashion scene every fall when fur coats, hats and other apparel hit the store shelves. PETA and other animal rights groups have all the information you might need regarding animal fur and the cruelty that goes along with its production. Many animals are killed by horrific means for their fur, while others are raised in very poor conditions just for their fur. For those of you who are losing your hair, you might be sensitive about animals and their fur. After all, everyone wants to keep their hair, right?

Whatever your reasons for not wearing fur, you have other fashion options. Fortunately for all of us, there are many alternatives to authentic animal fur that are quite stylish and less expensive.

If you want the glamour and warmth of a fur coat but don’t want the real thing, faux fur coats are a fabulous choice. For men who are balding, a full-length faux fur will definitely take the attention away from your head and put it on your dramatic outfit.

Providers of “fake” or faux fur fashions

Charly Calder
Charly Calder offers an amazing faux fur collection for both men and women. Whether you are looking for a stunning long coat or a sophisticated cropped jacket, they have it all. Having expert workmanship and super soft fibers, these gorgeous coats are top-notch. You might have heard about Charly’s coats in “Allure,” “Elle” or “Vogue” magazines, or even on MTV. The faux fur collection ranges from classy and sophisticated to funky and trendy, so you’re sure to find what you are looking for on their Web site, at charlycalder.cc. The white Angela jacket pictured here is priced at $199. Created from shaggy faux fur, this high-style jacket will definitely put you at the center of attention.

If you like the look of a classic mink coat, check out the Marcus coat from Charly Calder. This coat is 32 to 34 inches long and comes in your choice of black mink, red fox, gray chinchilla, white or even pink. It’s priced at $399, which is obviously a lot less than you’d pay for real fur.

Donna Salyers’ Fabulous Furs
At Fabulous~Furs (www.fabulousfurs.com), you will find an assortment of faux fur coats for men and women, as well as scarves, hats and other accessories. If you like the masculine look of a bomber jacket but want to dress it up in fur, they have the perfect coat for you. Their faux fur sable bomber jacket (priced at $249) is highly rated by customers. It comes in sizes small through 5X. Therefore, even if you are carrying a little extra weight, you can get this trendy coat. It features a front zipper and the classic bomber jacket styling. Whether you are wearing a hat or not when you step out, the attention will be off your thinning hair and on this jacket.

More-Affordable alternatives
For even less expensive alternatives to faux coats, vests and other accessories, turn to your favorite superstores. Target offers faux fur coats and jackets with faux fur collars. These are available for men and women, and prices are generally under $100 – which saves cash that you can use for complementary solutions for your specific hair loss issues.

Burlington Coat Factory is another option. They carry faux fur jackets from known brands such as Jones New York, Baby Phat, Coogi and many others. You can shop online at burlingtoncoatfactory.com or at your local brick-and-mortar store.

For women, Charlotte Russe offers a faux distressed leather vest trimmed with a faux fur collar. This trendy vest is perfect for fall. It features two front flap pockets and a print lining. This 100 percent polyurethane vest fits right in with the Boho-chic trend. And believe it or not, it’s just $34.99.

As more and more shoppers are beginning to reject leather, suede and fur, designers are being forced to create more animal-friendly, ethically conscious alternatives. This fall, support the animals – plus the right for all creatures to keep their hair – and get into the faux fur trend.