A Look At Winter Fashion: Suede, Velvet, Cashmere and More


winterFashion - A Look At Winter Fashion: Suede, Velvet, Cashmere and More


Winter fashion is all about texture. And texture doesn’t necessarily mean bulk. You can wear layers of soft textures in the cold weather to stay warm and look chic, too. Let’s take a look at some of the latest trends in winter fashion for both women and men.

Suede and velvet

Winter textures start with suede and velvet. Although suede boots may be the most common option, suede fashion doesn’t end there. Look for suede coats, hats and handbags, as well. This season, velvet is definitely on trend. Shop for velvet blazers, ballet flats and other pieces in rich colors such as deep plum, burgundy and chocolate brown.

Fantastic fringe

Go retro with fringe trim. Shoes and accessories featuring fringe are popular this season. You’ll see an array of footwear accented with fringe, from flat boots to sky-high heels. Fringe offers a Boho-chic flavor that is reminiscent of the 1960s and ’70s.

Ruffles and pleats

Romantic looks continue to be popular for women. Look for ruffles on just about everything — from blouses to handbags. Infuse a little romance into your wardrobe with ruffled blouses, pintucked pleats, lace skirts and satin bags. For a cool twist, mix a feminine piece such as a ruffled dress with an edgy, studded ankle boot to create a unique mixture of texture and style.

Faux fur

Although authentic fur may be considered a fashion faux pas, fake fur is all the rage. For both men and women, coats with faux fur-trimmed collars and hoods are very trendy. Whether you pick a nylon puffer jacket or a sleek “leather” coat, look for one with faux fur accents. Also shop for faux fur hats, handbags and even shoes! In addition to fake fur, faux feathers have made their way into fashion. They offer a fun yet funky texture that you are sure to love. Scarves, hats, jackets and other pieces are available that are trimmed (or covered) with faux feathers.


You can’t talk about winter fashion without mentioning cashmere. Every person (male or female) should have a cashmere scarf or wrap. This luxurious, soft fabric is a mainstay for cold weather. Look for scarves in classic neutral colors such as black, navy, camel and red, or experiment with plaid, pinstripes and other prints. Cashmere sweaters also are very popular this year. For men look for a sophisticated v-neck sweater that is pure cashmere or a cashmere/silk blend. A high-quality cashmere sweater can be a central layering piece in your wardrobe. Wear it over a button-down shirt and slacks at the office or with jeans and boots on the weekend.
For women, the cashmere cardigan is a must-have. Cardigans come in every shape and style imaginable. A cropped, fitted cardigan that hits at the waist can be paired with a slim-fitting skirt or flat-front pants. For a more relaxed look, shop for the “boyfriend” cardigan, in a slouchy, comfortable shape that falls to midthigh. These cardigans can be worn over everything, from a camisole and jeans to a figure-hugging dress. On Casual Friday, trade in your suit jacket for a cashmere cardigan instead.

How to wear textures

When layering textures, skip the chunky cable knits and instead opt for softer, thinner layers. Thick layers add bulk and make you appear larger than you are. Several thinner layers will keep you warmer, since the air gets trapped between the layers and insulates your body against the cold.
Don’t be afraid to mix different textures and patterns. A lace tank top, ruffled silk blouse and soft cashmere cardigan can work together with wool pants and suede boots for a very elegant, fashion-forward look.
As the weather cools down in the winter, fashion options heat up. Take advantage by adding textures to your everyday wardrobe. The result will be fashionable, functional and fun!