You might think fashion should be the last thing on your mind because you may not want to draw more attention to yourself, but actually, the opposite is true. The positive reaction you get from a polished, modern appearance draws attention away from your hair loss, not toward it. Now is the time to use your creativity and focus on something other than your hair loss … to approach it with a positive attitude. Everyone knows the lift you can get from that perfect blazer, a new pair of shoes or that swipe of a new shade of lipstick, but when it comes to experiencing hair loss it can make all the difference in your outlook and interactions with others around you. Self-confidence and smiles are contagious!

The term fashion actually refers to the constantly changing seasonal trends on the runways and in your favorite stores, which includes clothing, accessories, shoes, hair and makeup. Is the trend this season short skirts, wide-legged trousers, cropped hair or bare-faced makeup? These are all ideas and looks that will change throughout the seasons and the years. Keep up on what’s hot and what’s not with an eye toward what might work best with your hair loss situation and you’ll constantly get new ideas for shapes, fabrics and colors to accentuate the best parts of you.