Hair Regrowth Therapy Is a Multi-therapeutic Hair Loss Treatment


Regrowth Therapy - Hair Regrowth Therapy Is a Multi-therapeutic Hair Loss Treatment


Oftentimes the solution to a problem is not one thing but many things. When we talk about hair loss treatments, a “silver bullet” to treat hair loss doesn’t really exist. That’s why hair regrowth therapy programs were developed.

Hair loss conditions are different for each individual. For some, the cause may be genetic. Or it may be caused by something environmental. Perhaps nutrition is lacking. Maybe hair loss is due to all of these issues – and hair regrowth therapy might not be effective until each issue is addressed.

Hair and hair loss are – by nature – multi-factorial. The hair follicle suffers when hormonal and immunity functions attack it, as is the case in with androgenic alopecia (also called male pattern baldness or expressed as a generalized thinning of hair in women). But stress, inadequate or imbalanced diet, poor circulation, scalp infestations of various pathogens and other factors can affect hair health as well. A holistic approach to the causes can add up to an effective outcome – stem the loss and even rebuild and regrow hair that was lost.

For some who experience hair loss, a multi-tiered approach to hair regrowth therapy can involve medications, laser hair therapy and surgical solutions. These can include minoxidil or coenzymes, applied topically, or DHT blockers such as finasteride that are available in a range of dosages and taken internally. A scalp cleanser such as dexpanthenol, and shampoos and conditioners that are free of DEA (diethanolamine, which has worrisome effects on overall health as well) can supplement other hair regrowth therapies.

Many studios now offer hair regrowth therapy and have experts on staff. Most important is that you work with a qualified hair loss specialist who studies your individual hair loss condition. Develop a working relationship with this specialist – supplemented by your own knowledge on different hair regrowth therapies – such that you find the most effective, productive course of action.