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Fitness in contemporary culture is loaded with contradiction. We know more today about how it works and have more tools available to us than ever before. But the portion of the population that is overweight or obese is climbing beyond anything seen in history. It is a world of the fit and the fit-not.

No one says that fitness is easy – it’s not for nothing that it’s called a workout. Personal fitness requires a combined familiarity with physiology, exercise techniques and how to stay motivated. It is understandable that many people fall far short of their fitness goals and that few remain true to those goals over a lifetime. But the discipline of physical fitness is forgiving and its benefits come in gradations – a little knowledge here, a regular fitness habit there, and you can realize improvements.

For men, an abundance of testosterone is a plus in getting fit but may contribute to hair loss in male pattern baldness. But that’s hardly a reason not to exercise – fit or fat, that hair was likely to recede anyway. For the woman who goes through a pregnancy, menopause or chemotherapy, hair loss and other adverse symptoms might be modified when she encounters those situations with a healthy body.

The approach to fitness is that anything beats nothing. You might want to pick up on exercise-based stress management techniques. Perhaps you want to be strong in fighting aging or an illness. Maybe you want to look better in a sleeveless cocktail dress or in swimwear. If you are dating, fitness is almost an imperative.

For any life situation, this is a good place for advice on fitness. You just might find an approach that rings true with you – hair or no hair.