Health, Wellbeing and Hair Loss


Wellbeing - Health, Wellbeing and Hair Loss


Health is more than a function of nutrition and exercise. The mind plays a part as well – in how and what we think, feel, emote and believe – which plays a significant role in how we survive and thrive in a modern world.

Of course, the mind is really a part of the body, the brain being an organ just like the heart, lungs, kidneys, and skin. But it has a great influence on all the other parts. The mind can look beyond the immediate environment, to proactive health approaches that are hugely beneficial but not necessarily prescribed by the medical establishment. This same thinking brain can see past the current fads and marketing creations of diet and fitness, able to function more broadly, consider alternative approaches, and to connect the dots between healthful habits and health outcomes.

This raises a few questions. How do we feed the mind and how does it feed us? What are some ways in which we can consciously act to the betterment one’s self and those whom we love?

And can any of this affect hair health?

This section explores the breadth and depth of wellbeing. We consider yoga, meditation, stress, spirituality, and even love. Some topics simply fall outside the parameters of fitness and nutrition, but all are about becoming the best you can be through the choices you make and the life you live.

Each is about an improved physical and emotional state, that overall sense of wellbeing that defines how truly healthy we feel and look – with hair, with less hair or with no hair at all – as we work our way through the ever-changing phases of life.