Hip Styles Aren’t Just For Hippies and Deadheads Anymore


Alternate Head Coverings for Hair Loss - Hip Styles Aren't Just For Hippies and Deadheads Anymore


If you’re experiencing hair loss, you can wear a variety of types of hats, including baseball caps, bucket hats and newsboy caps for casual occasions. However, you might also like to experiment with other styles of headwear. Not just for bikers and bandits, in recent years bandanas have become trendier with many designers creating these head scarves in funky prints and vibrant colors. Bandanas, do-rags and skullcaps are generally thought of as the same type of headwear. And though they are relatively close in style, each type is slightly different. Here you will find a breakdown of this headwear, along with some suggestions on where to shop.


Bandanas (sometimes spelled as bandannas) are pieces of cloth, usually square in shape, that can be folded in several ways and used as a head covering. Bandanas are oftentimes rolled into headbands or folded diagonally and tied behind the head. Though bikers and outdoorsmen wear bandanas to protect their head, hair and neck from the wind and sun, they can be worn casually by anyone. Traditional bandanas come in red or blue paisley prints. However, you can find bandanas in every color and pattern imaginable. Generally made from cotton or silk, bandanas are a great choice for protecting your head from the sun, while keeping sweat off your face.

You can find bandanas and simple head scarves at most major department stores. They are also available at various online retailers that specialized in bandanas. Some of these shops include:


A do-rag is a form-fitting version of a bandana. Do-rags are designed to conform to the shape of the head and normally have flaps to cover the back of the neck. Do-rags are easier to put on and wear than bandanas because you don’t have to fold them. They have ties in the back to make them stay in place. Do-rags aren’t just worn by bikers to keep their hair from blowing, or by African American men to maintain their waves overnight, they have made their way into the mainstream as a fashion trend primarily among younger men. Do-rags come in an array of fabrics, from cotton to leather. Do-rag is oftentimes spelled as doo rag or du rag.


Very close to a do-rag is a skullcap. The main difference is that skullcaps are generally made of a spandex or other stretchy fabric that fits more tightly on the head. Skullcaps are best suited for men with hair loss or those with thinning or thin hair. In addition to the retailers named earlier, you can find do-rags and skull caps at Under Armour, Skull Cap City and several other online shops.

Bandanas, do-rags and skullcaps are a casual way to cover hair loss, protect your head from the sun’s rays and add a colorful accent to your look. During the summer, if you plan to play outdoor sports, these types of headwear are the perfect mix of functionality and style. Whether you are playing basketball with your friends on the blacktop or competing in a flag football league, wearing a bandana, do-rag or skullcap is very manageable.

While do-rags and skullcaps are worn primarily by men, bandanas can be worn by both men and women experiencing hair loss. For the women who enjoy participating in sports during the summertime, bandanas are a perfect way to keep your hair healthy and the sweat out of your eyes.

As with all headwear, don’t wear anything that is too tight or binding or you may increase the chances of more hair loss or traction Alopecia. These pieces should fit comfortably on your head, tied loose enough that your scalp can breathe but tight enough that they won’t fall off. And considering their low price, bandanas, do-rags and skullcaps are a budget-friendly alternative to more expensive types of hats and headwear.