Holiday Parties: Look Great and Feel Fab this Holiday Season


holidaySuit - Holiday Parties: Look Great and Feel Fab this Holiday Season


Before you know it, holiday season will be here, and with it comes many parties and special events. From your company holiday party to a neighborhood gathering, you should wear an outfit that is both stylish and appropriate.
Even though it’s women who are usually asking the question, “What should I wear?” it’s equally as important for men to look fashionable during the holidays.

What to wear

When you see “Festive Attire” on a party invitation, it doesn’t mean that you should put on your Santa hat or reindeer costume. Instead, it means dress appropriately but with the holiday spirit. This can be something as simple as wearing a red dress shirt or a holiday tie with your suit.
Although some invitations spell out “Formal Attire” or “Business Casual,” at other times there is no indication as to what to wear. In this case, you will have to follow the clues.

  • Consider the location. If a party is being held at the country club, it will generally be more formal than one at your local bar and grill. When an event is being held at a restaurant, business attire is generally appropriate.
  • Ask around. Ask the other men who are invited what they are going to wear. If this is too awkward for you, then ask the host directly what type of attire is expected.
  • Stick with a suit. When all else fails, wear a suit. There’s rarely a time when a suit isn’t considered appropriate except for very, very casual situations.

Casual Apparel

If you find out that the holiday party is going to be casual, remember that casual doesn’t mean sloppy. Sneakers, sweatpants and torn jeans should be left at home. Instead, opt for a sweater and khaki pants or a chic velvet blazer and dark wash jeans. Loafers or oxfords are ideal in terms of footwear.

Formal or black tie

For a formal event, a tuxedo is the way to go. Rather than renting one again this year, consider buying a tux of your own. The investment is worth it, particularly if you find yourself attending charity events, the opera, weddings or other formal parties more than a couple times a year.

Somewhere in between

If you are unsure how formal a party will be or if it’s work-related, your best bet is to wear a suit. Those men who wear suits to the office every day have it easy – just pick your most stylish suit and add a new shirt or special tie. For those who are shopping for a new suit just for the occasion, look for a modern suit in a slim shape. Select a neutral color so you can get the most wear from your suit. Black, navy, brown and gray are perfect. Olive green is also a trendy option this year.


You don’t need to wear a tie if it makes you uncomfortable. Instead, select a quality button-down dress shirt, a turtleneck or even a silk tee to go under your suit. Of course, wear appropriate shoes, such as leather oxfords or loafers.
Hats don’t just cover up baldness; they are also very chic. At a holiday party, consider wearing a stylish hat, such as a fedora. Fedoras come in felt, wool and other fabrics in every color imaginable. For a more casual affair, you can experiment with bright colors. If the event is more formal, stick with a hat in a neutral shade that coordinates with your suit.
The holidays are a joyous time and offer a great opportunity to network, meet new people (maybe that someone special!) and make a lasting first impression. If you are headed to a holiday party, take these fashion tips to heart to ensure that your attire not only is appropriate but also will separate you from the rest.