Hot Styles to Consider for Your Hair Loss

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Men might not have as many options as women when it comes to hair, but there are still plenty of decisions to make in choosing a hairstyle. Let’s take a look at some of the hot 2010 hairstyles for men.

Choosing the length

Before you head to the barbershop or salon, you should have an idea of how long you want to wear your hair. When choosing the length of your haircut, take into account a variety of different factors. First and foremost, consider your job. Even in 2010, many employers don’t consider long hair appropriate. If you work in a conservative, professional environment, a short or medium cut maybe your best option.

For those who work outside, a short buzz cut is a top choice for keeping your head cool. For men who work in an office but would like a trendier look outside the workplace, a medium-length cut that is short on the sides and back but longer on the top is most versatile. You can brush the top conservatively to the side at work and add some gel to have a messier, textured look for the weekend.

The hairstyles

Long, layered cut/short sides – A haircut that is short on the sides with long layers on the top is one of the most popular. This style is relatively low maintenance. You can add a little gel for a “piece-y” look or wear it without any product in it at all.

Messy, textured look – With many haircuts the texture is all on the top while the sides are kept very short. For something a bit different, you can get an allover textured look with a medium-length, layered cut. Rub a bit of hair wax into dry hair and then pull the hair up and twist it to get the right texture.

Modified buzz cut – If you aren’t ready to take the plunge into a super-short buzz cut, the modified buzz is your best bet. The hair can be clipped on the top with a #3 or #4 blade and then tapered short in the back and on the sides. If you are transitioning from medium-length to short hair, this cut is a nice option.

Disguising hair loss

If you suffer from any hair loss condition, you don’t need to reach for the razor and shave it all off. In fact, there are a number of haircuts that will help disguise thinning hair.

Caesar cut – With this hairstyle the hair is cut very short on the sides and back with clippers.

The top is left a bit longer. To style the Caesar cut, simply add a little gel or pomade to the top and then brush the hair forward with your fingers.

Textured style – Adding some texture to the top of your hair will also help reduce the appearance of any thinning. Hair should be cut short all over, with the top left just a bit longer than the tapered sides and back. Apply a small dollop of hair paste into damp hair and then use your fingers to mess it up on the top, producing texture.

Buzzcut with facial hair – If you like the look of a short buzz cut but don’t want to overexpose your baldness, you’ll need to draw the attention away from the top of your head. You can do this with facial hair. A buzz cut partnered with a short beard, goatee, or Van Dyke will draw the eye toward the chin and away from your thinning hair.

If you have always had your hair cut at a barbershop, don’t be afraid to venture out to a real hair salon. The stylist will be able to help you find the haircut most suitable for your lifestyle and occupation. Before heading to the salon, print out photos of hairstyles you like from magazines and web sites. Your stylist will be able to tell you whether a style can work for you.