Learn the Advantages of Hair Replacement Systems

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In recent years, many people who are suffering from hair loss have turned to non-surgical hair replacement rather than hair transplant surgery. Hair replacement systems aren’t the tacky “rugs” from days gone by. They are handcrafted to match your hair color and density, as well as your hair loss pattern, for nearly undetectable, natural-looking results. Read on to learn about the advantages of choosing hair replacement systems over hair transplant surgery.

Hair replacement systems are non-surgical

The main advantage of a non-surgical hair replacement is just that — it’s non-surgical. The complications of surgery are many, from the dangers of anesthesia to the risk of infection to the possibility of scarring. Many patients experience significant pain and discomfort after the procedure and are prescribed painkillers. Additionally, some patients experience “shock loss” — the sudden loss of the newly transplanted hair — after surgery and need additional procedures.

With a hair system, the risks are few. The procedure consists of shaving an area of your head and attaching a fine mesh to the scalp. The mesh features hairs matched in color and density to your natural hair. Other than the very rare allergic reaction to the adhesive, you are not at risk for any medical problems with a non-surgical hair replacement system.

Hair replacement systems guarantee results

With hair transplant surgery, it may take six months or longer to see the results you desire in terms of hair density. In some cases of extensive hair loss, surgery may not be possible at all and even if it is, it may never be able to achieve the desired results. With hair replacement systems, however, every person has the opportunity to have a full head of hair again.

“Non-surgical hair systems offer guaranteed results. A hair replacement system will work for anyone regardless of the reasons behind their hair loss or the extent of their hair loss,” says Doug Spike, business development consultant for On Rite.

Non-surgical hair replacement is reversible

“Another advantage of non-surgical hair systems is the safety of having a process that is reversible,” explains Spike. “If you don’t like it, you can quit. Surgery is surgery and not reversible.”

If you decide that you are no longer interested in wearing your hair replacement system for whatever reason, you can simply have it removed — it’s not permanent.

Hair replacement systems are not reliant on donor’s hair

Even with the best hair transplant surgeon and the most advanced grafting techniques, only so much can be done. Your existing hair from the back of the head and sides — the donor areas — must be abundant and in healthy condition. If you have a limited amount of healthy donor hair follicles remaining, then hair transplant surgery isn’t the right option of you. Also, grafts can be placed only so closely together; therefore, you might not achieve the hair density or look that you’d like. With a hair system, you aren’t depending on the donor areas, so the possibilities are endless.

Hair replacement systems have no limits

Non-surgical hair replacement can work for anyone — men, women, or children. It’s an option for those patients who have been severely scarred from hair transplants or burns. Hair replacement is suitable whether you are experiencing hair loss from heredity factors, a medical condition, chemotherapy, or another reason. And probably best of all, hair systems have no limits. You can literally get any hair color, style, density, length, or texture that you want. With hair transplant surgery, you are limited to what’s available in donor areas.

Every hair loss solution has its advantages and disadvantages. In order to look natural, cleaning and maintenance are essential with hair systems. Although many companies have made the maintenance of their hair replacement systems very affordable, you must keep up with it on a regular basis.

There is no one hair loss treatment that works for every person. Before making a decision, do thorough research to find the right hair loss solution for you.