Make a Bold, Personal Statement with Your Hairstyle


What Your Hairstyle Says About You - Make a Bold, Personal Statement with Your Hairstyle


Whether it’s a job interview or a first date, the truth is that we are initially judged based on how we look. Therefore, the image you project in those first moments when you meet someone is critical. Your hairstyle is an important part of your overall image, so be sure that it is saying all the right things.

Hairstyles that say you are business minded and dependable

A short hairstyle with a traditional side part indicates that you are a conservative, hardworking man with a classic sense of style. You keep things simple and straightforward in your life — including your hair. Another short hairstyle for business-minded men is the buzz cut. A buzz cut is a confident, masculine style that indicates you don’t waste too much effort on your hair, leaving time for more important endeavors.

For women, a shoulder-length blunt cut that can be easily pulled into an updo shows you are dependable with a no-nonsense approach, while a shorter cut is a sign of confidence in the workplace and in personal affairs.

Hairstyles that say you are creative and edgy

For both men and women, a hairstyle with a textured top indicates you are creative and a bit extroverted; your hairstyle is versatile, just like you. With a little hair product and a blow-dryer, you can convert this style from workday ready to a messy “bedhead” look.

For men, the fauxhawk hairstyle says that you love attention and want to stand out from the rest of the crowd. You probably work in a creative environment, or maybe you are just rebelling against the norm.

Hairstyles that say you are trendy yet savvy

The Caesar cut is a fantastic choice for the man who takes pride in his appearance but doesn’t want to waste a lot of time looking at himself in the mirror every morning. It’s a trendy hairstyle that is great for disguising a receding hairline too.

For women, the pixie cut is a trendy choice right now. It’s a supershort cut that doesn’t require much daily maintenance at all, but the pixie does need more frequent trims than a longer style.

Hairstyles that say you are fun loving and easygoing

Low-maintenance hairstyles with a little added flair say that you are a fun-loving guy or gal with a laidback approach to life. Women with bangs are often perceived as flirty, easygoing and a tad mysterious, while free-flowing, long, wavy locks indicate you are uninhibited and carefree. Unique hair colors or chunky highlights show that you love to laugh and aren’t afraid to express yourself.

For men, long hairstyles (or even those just long on top) are indicative of a free spirit with a good sense of humor and not taking life too seriously.

Hairstyles that say the wrong things

Not all hairstyles project a positive image. For women, high ponytails indicate you are energetic and fun but maybe not the smartest person out there. If you are trying to project an aura of intelligence, wear your ponytail lower on your head. Perfectly coiffed hairstyles or pin-straight hair may project that you are self-absorbed, high maintenance and a bit materialistic.

Before getting your hair cut, consider the type of image you are trying to project to new people. Although your hairstyle doesn’t define your personality, it can make the right (or wrong) first impression.