Make a Personal Statement with Your Own Signature Style


Develop Your Signature Style - Make a Personal Statement with Your Own Signature Style


We all know that one person who has a fabulous signature style. Maybe it’s a woman at your office who always wears a specific type of jewelry or a guy you never see without a hat. Their signature style statements make them unforgettable. No matter the current condition of your wardrobe or style sense, you can easily develop a signature style by following these tips.

Assess your style situation

What’s your current style? Is it classic traditional? Comfy-chic? Retro? If you aren’t sure, take a look at the clothes you wear most often, your hairstyle and your makeup. If you have a somewhat established style, then you have a jumping-off point to develop your signature statement. If you wear a mishmash of items with no common theme or direction, you’ll have to start from scratch to identify your signature look.

Decide what you want to change

What would you be comfortable changing? Do you want to change your hairstyle, your accessories or your entire wardrobe? Think about what you want to accomplish with your signature style. Are you trying to be more sophisticated, more playful or just more memorable? Once you have figured out what you are willing to change, you can start experimenting with different signature looks.

Break your bad fashion habits with your signature style

One of the worst fashion habits that a person can have is wearing black all the time. Yes, black is slimming, but it’s not the fashion end-all. If your wardrobe is starting to look a bit Goth, infuse color into your look by picking a hot new shade as your signature style. If you can’t imagine wearing a bright dress or suit, you can start small with colorful accessories to break your all-black habit.

Hide your flaws with your signature style

Another bad fashion habit is wearing clothes that don’t fit. Many of us wear clothes that are too baggy, thinking this will help hide extra weight. In fact, the opposite is true. Clothes that are too large will make you look even larger. Fitted clothes that skim the body will make you look thinner. You can hide your perceived flaws with a signature look. For example, a wrap dress makes an amazing signature piece — and it’s a chic way to disguise your belly. If your hair is thinning or you are bald, a hat or head scarf could be the focal point of your signature style.

Don’t obsess with trends

Trends come and go from season to season. With a signature style, you will want something you can stick with over a long a period of time; therefore, don’t obsess with the latest trends and newest look. Instead, embrace something that you love and are willing to wear not just now but also next year, and beyond.

Identify your signature statement or piece

You can center your signature style on one particular item of clothing, a certain color, a specific type of handbag or even a hairstyle or makeup look. Your personality and lifestyle should be reflected in your signature style. Keep in mind that your first attempt at a signature piece might fail. When you are wearing your signature look, you shouldn’t feel out of place or as if you are in costume. You should be so comfortable that it feels like a part of you. If your signature piece doesn’t feel or look good to you, experiment and play around with different options until you develop a signature style that is uniquely you. Pretty soon people will be looking at you and wishing they could pull off that signature style just like you.