Grooming - Men's Grooming and Hair Loss


It’s true that it has become more acceptable for a man to be bald or shave down his hair so thinning and bald spots are barely noticeable. Just look at the recent trends in the close-shaven bald look or the Caesar-style haircut, which directs hair toward the hairline instead of away from it. Still, if you don’t want to be that bald guy, especially if you’re used to long, thick hair or dreadlocks or just simply your full head of hair, the loss of it can take a toll on your emotions. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Rather than going into denial about your appearance or allowing yourself to fall into a state of neglect, act now to improve everything else you’ve got going for you. Develop a hair loss treatment plan with a professional along with compatible hairstyle – including your facial hair – that works with your personality, style and hair loss condition.
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