Preventing Hair Loss Is Simpler Than Solving Hair Loss


prevention - Preventing Hair Loss Is Simpler Than Solving Hair Loss


Thinning hair does not necessarily mean you will become bald. To any person experiencing early signs of hair loss — alopecia — this is more than wishful thinking. It acknowledges that there are different reasons why hair becomes thin (“follicular miniaturization”) and less dense — or disappears altogether. Once the cause is identified, there may be a means to halt or even reverse the loss.

Those causes include genetics, chemical exposure, scarring, hormonal changes (such as those associated with pregnancy and menopause), emotional stress or trauma, parasites, infections, poor or imbalanced nutrition and even methods of hairstyling. You may know the reason you are losing your hair, but a professional diagnosis is probably the smartest place to begin looking for ways to prevent hair loss from progressing.

The good news is you don’t have to take it lying down. Hair loss prevention a generation ago was a tough fight. Some of the methods used back then didn’t work at all or didn’t work very well. Today, there are better ways to keep hair on your head. We know more about the various causes of hair loss and how to treat them. Better products, including pharmaceuticals, are available. Smarter ways of styling hair can help a lot. Sometimes, the solution might be to reduce stress in your life, adopt better nutrition habits and get some exercise — not necessarily easy, but effective and beneficial to overall health.

And what if you like your new bald pate? Terrific — some men and some women can look downright stunning with a shaved head. This is a matter of choices: you should be the one to decide about your appearance. Now you can.