Addresses your medical hair and scalp needs.

Perfect for men and women with medical hair and scalp needs because it soothes and relieves irritation of the scalp due to the side-effects of chemo & radiation therapy while promoting healthy hair regrowth.

It’s a proven hair and scalp natural solution with impressive results which comes with everything you need to start your journey to recovery of your hair and scalp health.

With over 40 years of experience, Laboratoire Nature, the makers of Térapo Médik, is a well-respected manufacturer of exceptional hair loss prevention products in Canada.

Well-Being Home Care Kit by

Chemotherapy agents and radiation therapy can damage hair follicles and disturb the balance of oils beneath the skin, resulting in the scalp becoming itchy, dry, and flaky. The Well-Being Kit contains 100% natural lotions and shampoos that hydrate and relieve dry scalp, easing the discomfort experienced during and after treatments.
Cellular division at the follicular level is halted, but the dermal papilla is not destroyed. The growth cycle resumes between 30 and 60 days after the end of treatment. While our products can’t prevent hair loss, their active 100% natural ingredients will nurture the scalp before and throughout the entire process so it can foster healthy hair regrowth.
Hair loss at such a vulnerable time is distressing. The Well‑Being Kit affords you the opportunity to address your medical hair and scalp needs due to the side-effects of chemo or radiation treatments in the privacy and comfort of your own home.

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During treatments

Alternate the Vitascalp and Hydrascalp shampoos. After shampooing, apply the Hydrascalp lotion.

After treatments

Alternate the Vitascalp shampoo and Vitascalp lotion to stimulate hair regrowth, and the Hydrascalp shampoo and Hydrascalp lotion to hydrate the scalp.
* These recommendations don’t constitute a promise of results. A consultation and a hair and scalp analysis is highly recommended.