When it Comes to Hair Loss and Hair Styling, Less is More


textured top - When it Comes to Hair Loss and Hair Styling, Less is More


Hair loss can happen at any age to both men and women. A variety of factors can trigger hair loss or hair thinning, including poor nutrition, high stress, hormonal imbalance, health issues and improper hair care. To reduce hair loss, use a mild shampoo, skip the blow-dryer and avoid using chemicals and dyes on your hair whenever possible. Be sure to eat a balanced healthy diet, and don’t pull your hair into tight ponytails or c ornrows.

For women suffering from hair loss, short- to medium-length hairstyles look best. If you have long hair, giving up some length on your locks may be a difficult pill to swallow. But once you take the plunge and go with a shorter hairstyle, you’ll be surprised how a perceived hair loss issue can disappear with a few snips of the scissors. Short hair will eliminate the weight, which drags down the hair and makes it look thinner. Fortunately, short hair is “in” and there are a variety of chic short styles from which to choose.

The bob

Victoria Beckham and Katie Holmes made the short bob trendy again a few years back, and this hairstyle is still going strong. Consider your face shape when deciding how long your haircut should be. Women with round faces generally don’t look good with extremely short hair. A chin-length or longer bob with side-swept bangs is a fantastic choice for most all women with thinning hair. A bob that is all one length creates the illusion of thicker hair and requires little maintenance. Low-maintenance hairstyles are ideal for women with hair loss, because you don’t need to use hair products and styling tools, which could damage your hair.

The modified flipped bob also can be a terrific choice for women with thinning hair. This hairstyle has grown in popularity in recent years. The style isn’t blunt like a traditional bob; it’s layered in the bottom 2 inches of the hair and worn with textured bangs. The bottom portion of the hair is “flipped out” by using a round brush when blow-drying.

Loose curls

One terrific way to make short- to medium-length hair appear thicker is with curls. With naturally curly hair, use a blow-dryer with a diffuser and then slightly scrunch the hair with your hand as you dry it. This is much less damaging than traditional blow-drying. For curls that tend to get frizzy, use mousse or a spray gel. If you have straight hair and want to try a curly style, consult with both your hairstylist and your doctor before trying a perm. The chemicals may be too damaging, depending on the degree of your hair loss.

Textured top

If you want to go with a super-short haircut, consider a pixie cut with a textured top. The sides and back of your hair should be cut very short, while the top layers are longer and heavier. The top is razor cut into layers of varying lengths to create the appearance of thicker hair. This hairstyle is not suited for extremely tall women. Short hairstyles that are close to the face will make a tall woman look like a Q-tip.

Heavy bangs

A chin-length (or slightly longer) hairstyle with heavy bangs is a nice option for women dealing with hair loss. This hairstyle looks great when you pin the hair back behind your ears and add light curls at the ends. The heavy fringe offers the appearance of fuller, thicker hair.

Before you make any drastic changes to your hair, “try on” different hairstyles online. A variety of virtual makeover Web sites will allow you to upload your picture and then see yourself in hundreds of different styles. Taaz.com, TheHairstyler.com and DailyMakeover.com are just a few of these types of sites.